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Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Loves Your Yoga Pants Style

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Ryan Gosling continues his campaign for Mr. Yoga McDreamy Pants. As if to say, Hey girl, don’t you worry about what anyone else thinks, if you like to wear yoga pants all day, to yoga class, to run errands, to the spa with me later because you deserve it baby, that is your right to be happy and no one can take that away from you. Now let’s go watch You’ve Got Mail with some ice cream and snuggle.

Thanks to our pal Ashley for the heads up on this one.



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  • James

    Disclosures: I’m a guy. Girls in yoga pants are hot. I like YogaDork and visit nearly every day. My connection to Oakley consists of two pairs of sunglasses.

    I suspect that this picture is here in opposition to the Oakley “Training gear not trendy gear” campaign. It, and by extension, YogaDork, is suggesting that Oakley is wrong to chastise women (and people in general) who buy training gear for the image. I think the yoga community and everyone else should agree with Oakley’s message.

    The “My yoga pants have never been to yoga” meme stopped being funny because it wasn’t a parody anymore when so many girls bought yoga pants and other training gear primarily as fashion accessories.

    Then here comes Oakley. Oakley knows it’s good business to expand your market by doing what Under Armour and others have done; broaden your appeal by focusing on the more casual clothes-wearing public. They don’t care. They’re fighting against the dilution of exercise. This is a campaign against the girls who spend 20min putting on make-up to spend 30min walking on a treadmill while talking to their “besties” about how cute Ryan Gosling is. This is a campaign against people who use the trappings of exercise because of the perceived impression it makes on other people. This is a campaign for fitness and not fashion.

    Then here comes Ryan Gosling’s picture. Don’t worry girls. I think you look cute. Do whatever you want because looking cute is all that matters. I doubt there are as many Ryan Gosling pictures saying “Hey girl, you look good when you’re sweaty” because the girls who rally around this crap don’t want to exercise. They want to look good. Cigarettes, pills, anorexia? Doesn’t matter. Just look good.

    • Gina

      Very well said! So much focus is placed on “looking good” and not so much on “being healthy”.

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