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New Grand Theft Auto V Includes Yoga Mini-Game

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yoga still from the GTA V trailer.

Because if there’s one thing we’ve always told our gamer friends Grand Theft Auto needs more of, it’s yoga! We’re not big gamers here, but we’ve spent enough time watching friends navigate the chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto, and in between all the carjacking, manic gun chases and high speed pursuits we honestly never once dreamed of day there would be yoga. But according to a Kotaku review of the new Grand Theft Auto V, slated to launch in September, that’s exactly what we’re getting –  a yoga mini-game, along with some sharks, car customization and a playable nine-hole golf course, among other highlights.

Rockstar Games hasn’t put out a GTA since Grand Theft Auto IV in 2008. All that sitting around playing and developing video games must have inspired them to get on a yoga mat. Even if it is a virtual one. We don’t know specifics about the yoga mini-game (like if it’s actual yoga and not just the characters creeping around ogling at female yoga practitioners), and really we have no idea how it will fit into GTA V, but with all the action, violence, million dollar heists and a 3-in-1 character narrative, players of the game are going to need a mini yoga pit stop to keep them sane. Plus, video game criminals have to stay limber too, right? And maybe it will get gamers, who will inevitably sit and play this for hours on end, to move their butts a little, or at the very least, breathe! We’d settle for an intermittent reminder that said, “sit up, chin in.”

Stay tuned.

Here’s the trailer, where you will see why it was a perfectly clear and obvious choice to include a yoga mini-game. (Yoga flash at the 0:24 mark.)



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