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Cute Meditation Music Video

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Ever feel that your meditation practice is like trying to tame a gaggle of spastic elf-like creatures bouncing around your mind in funny hats? OMG. Us, too! We were sent this cute video for the song “Emergence Kenosis” by The Crees which is a silly and quite literal example of how and why meditation can help keep us calm and sane amidst the utter kooky chaos. It’s a perfect video for a case of The Mondays.

More about the musicians via YouTube:

Greetings! We are Dizzi and Ralph Cree. A Husband and Wife Musical Duo who delight in creating magical melodies that speak directly to the heart. We play a selection of unusual acoustic instruments including, Hammered Dulcimer, Hang, Halo, Thumb Piano,Tank Drum, Metallophone, Piano, and a variety of World Percussion.

If you enjoyed the music you can find more at their website.



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