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YD Giveaway: Yoga for Fibromyalgia by Shoosh Lettick Crotzer

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yoga-fibromyalgia To honor National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day (5/12), we’re partnering with Rodmell Press to give away three copies of Yoga for Fibromyalgia by Shoosh Lettick Crotzer. Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues (Mayo Clinic). Approximately 3.7 million Americans, or 1 in 73 people in the US, suffer from symptoms of fibromyalgia. Thankfully, yoga has been helpful in relieving some of the discomfort and pain. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share this book with the YD community.

WIN: We’re giving away three copies of Yoga for Fibromyalgia by Shoosh Lettick Crotzer courtesy of Rodmell Press.

TO ENTER: Today, yoga is an increasingly popular thing in popular culture all over the country. Still, we’re able to bring it back home, to make the practice personal and to make it our own. We’ve learned that yoga is not just for those select few on the cover of yoga magazines, it is a practice for every body.

For this giveaway, share with us in the comments how you keep your practice fresh and how you make it your own, whether it’s at home on your mat between your laundry heap and desk piled with papers or in a crowded studio where your mat space is your rectangular sanctuary.

How do you make your yoga practice your own? Like, for example, for us, sometimes after a long day we have to throw on a little David Bowie “Soul Love” and light a pretty smelling candle to get into the swing. What about you?

Giveaway open until 11:59pm Sunday May 12th. Winners will be randomly selected and announced soon after. Good luck!

UPDATE: We have our winners…Congrats to Leah, Sandra and Jerry! Thank you to everyone for entering. We wish you all the best in health and your yoga practice.



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  • Nice, good karma yoga! You can post (or I will) on my facebook.com/yogainchairs page for this.
    Also in bay area May 11th and June 1st I am offering free community chair yoga classes at 4 Bay Area Libraries which may is appropriate for those with Fibromyalgia. http://www.sunlightchairyoga.com has info for those. All are welcome.

  • michael anderson

    You have to make yoga real for you , weather fro weight los , staying in shape or recovering from a stroke like me , putting in the time makes it happen for you . its kind of like taking the time to love your self from within.

  • PattyS

    I divide my practice between Bikram classes in a studio, and a more Iyengar-style practice at home. Sometimes I’ll follow an online course, but when I practice on my own, I always play classical music.

  • Liz

    I teach my classes to music that really means something to me…it inspires the way I teach and what I share with my class.

  • Michelle Yuro

    I find myself on the beach w/ an Ipod early morning w/ the sun just beginning to rise…my favorite “studio” to have my practice…it’s fresh and new each time as I have “strangers” join in and I leave my mat at the end of OUR practice w/ a new friend. Looking forward to warming temps here on the Jersey Shore to begin…again….

  • I turned (back) to yoga 20 years ago, when I developed fibro in response to a toxic chemotherapy drug I was given to help put my endometriosis in temporary remission. I took a month long intensive to strengthen my back and legs, and fell in love with being a Kripalu yoga teacher, then an Integrative Yoga Therapist, followed up with a Kripalu body worker certification. Each year since then I add new certifications to keep my body strong using different modalities, you know “multiple paths” approach. My current approach is water yoga, so gentle on my body, with Pilates thrown in for fun. I love switching up my routines to keep my body from “armor -ing” against the pain and spasms. Yoga literally saved my life 🙂

  • I try to take different types of classes all the time – and esp. embrace the chance to take basics classes to reassert my foundational alignment and get back to my “beginner’s mind”… !

  • Michelle

    I keep my practice fresh by doing a variety of things: taking classes from different teachers at different studios; using DVDs and streaming; reading yoga books and magazines to deepen my practice. I always listen to my body since I have physical issues that require accommodation.

  • I have a little baby at home, so it can be difficult now to take class from my favorite teachers and get inspired. I recently discovered Yogaglo, the online yoga studio, which has classes from some really great teachers. I usually only have about 30 minutes to practice during baby naps, and they have lots of 30 minute classes, which help inspire me. Also, being a yoga teacher myself I stay very connected to my practice through teaching. My home practice has also totally transformed since moving into a big enough space that I could have an entire room just for yoga–its amazing!

  • Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow….. I just close my eyes and visualize:)

  • Maria

    I do yoga a lot at home with different yoga videos from different teachers and in various styles. So my yoga practice remains fresh.
    I also do pranayama and I check in regularly what am I needing right now. Therefore I adapt my practice to my current state which keep things flowing.

  • Alberta Mobley

    I make yoga my own by sitting first and listening; listening to what my body wants and needs at this very moment; sometimes it’s challenging and sometimes it’s restorative. I always try to practice a little before I teach a class.

    I teach gentle and chair yoga classes. Several people in my classes have fibro, as well as my daughter. I’d love to win and read this book. I’m always trying to find new answers.

  • Moi

    With dvds at home I make it my own by going how I am feeling for the moment, choose the practice that is an appropriate level for today and calls to me, so it feels right. I light a candle on top of the tv for focus, leave the door ajar for the cat to stroll in and out, and enjoy.

  • I like to use different sources and routines. I have several books, some DVDs, and a routine on the Wii. It helps to keep the process fun, interesting, and to involve my kids!

  • I teach six classes a week and rarely have time to take a class for myself. However, I make time almost daily for a home practice that changes by the day. It’s always “my own.” On a beautiful day like today in NY, I’ll take my mat to the back deck and practice in the fresh air and sunshine with birdsong as my only music.

  • Terry Henry

    When I practice my yoga, I really try to stay present in each moment. I try to notice the feelings in my body, notice how my mind reacts, not where my emotions run to. I try to let the breath be my guide always; where I practice in a chair, on the mat or in restorative poses.

  • I make my practice my own by listening to my body ~ this is one of the many gift that yoga has given me. For most of us each day is different, sometimes all I want to do is Sun Salutations and get my energy going, other days it’s legs up the wall. I am very thankful for the gift of yoga. I became a teacher to deepen my knowledge and it has opened up my world. My mission is to introduce the wonderful benefits of yoga allowing the student to practice both on and off the mat….Namaste

  • I practice ashtanga primary series. One might think practicing the same series each day would be boring, but it is certainly not! It stays fresh and new by me listening to my body during each breathe. Within each posture there is an opportunity to learn something new, to go deeper, to grow.
    It is always my own.

  • I live in a small town and teach 9 classes a week — sometimes I feel like I have taught everything I know a dozen times over. I have found that Yogaglo classes help keep me in fresh ideas and I take classes out of town and weekend workshops to keep current with what’s trending. But it is also interesting to hone in on a new group of people to bring yoga to — like those with Fibromyalgia which presents much the same way that Lyme’s disease seems to around here (we have an epidemic of Lymes in SW Wisconsin, much like CT). So, that’s another way to keep engaged is to see how it works for a population that is different from my peer group of yoga addicts.

  • Jerry Gamble

    I have fibromyalgia, and I am also very heavy, and am finding that I am losing my ability of mobility more and more as the pain gets worse. I would like to learn yoga and perhaps winning this book will allow me to learn the basics at home so that when I am up to going to a studio I do not have to be so embarrased at my lack of movement and size. Wish me luck!

  • I have my favorite teacher I practice with a few times a week, then I spend a lot of time reading and researching various yoga sequences, try them out on my own, and then willbring some of then into the classes I teach, I also like to keep it fresh by listening to different types of music- really changes the movement and mood for me. I also like to practice in different spaces and try out new studios.

  • barbara

    Now that the side effects from the post-chemotherapy medication have kicked in, I am SO grateful that yoga can be “adjusted” as needed. It’s interesting, some days I can almost do it all, others, not so much – but it’s ALL good.

  • Nadine Steidl

    I adapted yoga just for me by enlisting the help of some excellent teachers who showed me the right way to use props such as bolsters and blankets. This has been such a great thing since it allows me to relax into the pose, not force myself into it. I also make use of breath work and restorative poses– especially the “legs up the wall” pose to encourage my muscles to soften and my mind to relax.

  • Amanda

    After a long day of work there is nothing I love more than putting on my yoga pants, lighting some incense, dimming the lights and practicing yoga in my living room. Now that the weather is nicer, morning yoga on the balcony is a great way to start the day.

  • Dianna Kelly

    I have had Fibro for ten years. Although I had to give up my yoga classes due to the cost, I still believe that yoga was the best thing I have ever done for my body!

  • Melany Strader

    Although I currently don’t practice Yoga, I have in the past. Unfortunately my pain levels have increased which has made it harder to exercise. I think the main reason for not doing Yoga right now is I don’t know what is best for Fibromyalgia. This could really help me get some mobiltiy and strength back in my life. With a 5yr old and 8yr old, I need all the mobility I can get.

  • Debbie Mayberry

    I have not tried yoga yet, but have heard how wonderful it is. I live out in the country and don’t have funds to travel back and forth for classes, let alone pay for classes. I am a firm believer that if I can read about it, I can learn how to do it. I would love to have this book and see if Yoga would help me. I have been unable to work for 2 years and am trying to get disability, but have not yet. I would much prefer to get well enough that I could go back to work. 🙂

  • Gretchen

    My favorite time to practice yoga is in the morning – before I get sucked into the computer void. My favorite place to practice is outside, in nature.
    To keep my practice fresh, I take a lot of workshops, read books & online articles and in general try to have an open mind about trying new things.

  • Barb

    I combine yoga stretches, Reiki and meditation to help keep my fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic fatigue under control. The beauty of letting go of everything and moving into a place of perfect peace is transcendent.

  • I do yoga poses daily to keep my mind and my body at peace. I continue to work with others to develop new areas of my practice, attend workshops, conferences, webinars, etc to continually grow.

  • James DeRienzo

    My wife suffers from Fibromyalgia, so we try to maintain a yoga practice together in order for her to realize that she is not in this alone and has a partner who tries to help her work through the challenges of this aliment.

  • Suzanne Banks

    I maintain my yoga practice by sharing … I teach, I volunteer and I offer free sessions to my friends and acquaintances. Sharing is a wonderful way of learning new ways of honouring my yoga. By sharing, I receive comments (always positive) so I may learn and grow with my own personal yoga practice. By sharing, I show to doubters and nay-sayers the benefits of simple yoga. By sharing, I learn and grow in my life.

  • Connie Buchner

    I need to learn yoga. Not only have I had fibromyagia for over 20 years, a year ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He mentioned yoga also.

  • Jill Hammer

    I have been trying to find something that works, yet doesn’t give me pain. In my research yoga is one of the few things I haven’t tried! I would really like to have a copy of this book, but I am on SSD. Currently I do stretching, but it sounds like I could get more relief from yoga.
    Thanks so much.
    Jill Hammer

  • I’ve lived with FM for 20 years, 10 of those while practicing yoga. A believer in energy work, I’ve practiced weekly, get Thai yoga bodywork, Reiki, and cranial sacral work–every bit of alignment and openness I get helps!

  • Jewels

    On a sunny day i love to roll out my mat in the garden, sit for awhile listen to life go on around me, find my own inner peace and breathe through the movements. During winter i get inspired watching my children play freely, they do all kinds of movements so i join in and they eventually start watching me and do yoga with me.

  • I like to do yoga with a citrus scented candle, india arie soundtrack, and turn the lights low. It is my space to calm and decompress from the sometimes overwhelming emotional work that I do in counseling and healing women survivors of violence. I like to take a long savasana at the beginning to center myself.

  • Jena

    First thing in the morning while checking email/Facebook/texts and last thing at night while my husband takes a shower, I chill out in some sort of yin pose on the bed. Some days, that’s the only practice I have time to fit in, but at least it’s something.
    Hoping to win this book so I can share the practice with my mother-in-law who suffers with fibro!

  • I do it outside as much as possible

  • Tracy

    I make it my own by modifying poses. Thanks for having the contest!

  • I love to take my mat onto my back porch, turn on some music, and just flow in the sunshine! My dogs just look at me like I’m crazy 🙂

  • Anne

    Yoga. Yoga keeps me sane– connected both to my self and everyone, everything around me. Often times my “self” and external factors keep a traditional practice at bay. So, how do I manage? I integrate yoga throughout the day. When I don’t wake up early to practice asanas, I practice svadhyaya on my way to work and contemplate as to why I couldn’t get up.

    When I realize that I haven’t taken time during the day, I practice pranayama before bed. Mid afternoon slump? I close the door in my office, lower the blinds and do a mini sequence.

    I am learning to be less prescriptive about what I have been taught a balanced sequence looks like and more trusting of what I need in the moment. I would like to be more consistent with my asana practice but practicing consistency in and of itself is yoga.

  • Lynn

    every class, I set an intention, and try to remember that intention…maybe every time I’m in tadasana or balasana. staying present.

  • Janice Canterbury

    Having fibromyalgia I know first hand how important it is to stretch and warm the muscles. With severe pain it is sometimes very difficult to go to class. I usually go upstairs where it is quiet, warm and cozy. Turn off the light and light a candle. I use the music of Deva premal and Mittiin to help me reach my zone. My zone is unlike anyother as of usually is in a time past. So soothing for the body and soul. Sometimes my yoga is all restorative, but it is my yoga. <3

  • Janice Canterbury

    Excuse me that should have read Miten! Fibro fog…..

  • Isabelle

    I have been diagnosed a year ago. With three young kids, I had to find an activity to keep me grounded and active… I started to practice at home with Yoga Glo. I do it in the evening, when all the kiddos are in bed, to really prepare for a good night of sleep!

  • Gregorian chants and a candle make yoga time a special time for me and also doing random acts of yoga during the day as I notice tension or fatigue coming on. Shanti ~

  • Lynne n.ll

    I have fibromyalgia and sometimes I can’t keep up with the rest of the class, so I focus on myself & my mat. I push my limits because I know that I’ll feel so good when I’m done. Less pain & I can sleep. It’s blissful. I treat myself with inversions – they make me feel like I can conquer the world.

  • Gitte Lindgaard

    I make yoga my own by listening to my body. Maybe I do a sun salutation and then I listen to my body and it guides me into the next pose. Maybe in comes when I rull out my matt and the I know that today is about my hips, headstand or getting deeper into my self with forward bends. So I make my practice my own by hourning my body.

  • Lisa Sean

    I help my mom make her yoga her own by practicing yoga with her privately. Sometimes it’s hard for her to practice and she feels a little uneasy to take her mat to a regular class, so I make sure she is still getting her yoga on in the comfort of her own home 🙂

  • Cindy Fulp

    Quite honestly, I haven’t practiced yoga….yet. 😉 I’ve had a few people tell me they thought it would help w/my Fibromyalgia but I never tried it. I felt too self-conscious and I hurt so much…I honestly didn’t that I could get up once I got on the floor. I’ve lost 95 #’s in the past year (75-90 more to go!) and my joints are feeling a bit better. Right about the time I was strongly considering going, I was diagnosed w/breast cancer (10/2013). Now that the breast cancer journey is coming to an end for me, I find myself wanting to give this a shot. It would be such a blessing if I were chosen. Thank you.

  • I have a tendency to fall into the same routine and stick to it over and over again. I keep it fresh by watching online classes and picking out new sequences to try.

  • Elizabeth

    Little bit of yoga here and there through out the day.

  • Melissa

    I keep my yoga practice – and the classes I teach – fresh by letting the little things in life inspire me. It could be a song on the radio (Run DMC’s “Tricky” has inspired a fun triangle flow!), it could be the peace and tranquility of the ocean, or watching animals move or play. I also let my body and emotions inspire me…for my personal practice, I come to the mat with a clear mind – no expectations – and just see what happens. This enables me to care for my body in the present moment, giving it whatever care it needs; I know that it will be different tomorrow!

  • Leah

    I do yoga to stretch my muscles. My fibromyalgia is really bad so it’s something that helps me stay in control. On an average day I will do about 20 minutes in my living room or back yard. Since I also have to small kids and not enough time in the day, I’m always running behind but yoga is the one thing that helps me get rid of all the extra thoughts of “Why is this happening to me at 25?” or “What am I going to do today, I hurt so bad/am so tired.” I would like this because maybe it would help me to feel better in the right way. All I know is yoga for normal people and I know that isn’t helping me.

    • Leah

      Just to add. It’s only 8pm in Hawaii.

    • Leah

      And I just moved here. I’m a military spouse without any social life so yoga is the one thing I get to do for me. I just need to know how to do it right.

    • If you are in Honolulu: http://ohanashakti.com/
      Chanti teaches many modalities including Restorative Yoga which I found to be very helpful with my fibromyalgia. Also someone suggested I try Malic Relief Formula supplement by Country Life which seems to help. But check with your physician before starting on both counts. Blessings

  • melanie

    I practice where I can, when I can. I do online videos when I can’t get to a studio, and actually do every sequence I teach in my home studio before I teach it to a student. Perhaps the most rewarding teaching I do, however, is to my mother with severe health issues including an autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia. She’s seen real relief through restorative yoga, and is looking to progress, so I think this book would be a fantastic next step read for her! Thanks for offering this chance!

  • I teach Yoga Therapeutics because that is what has helped me with my fibromyalgia. Sometimes its an all restorative practice, sometimes its a combination of movement and restorative, Often it feels the best after I have just finished teaching a private session in my home and all the props are already out and I can treat myself to the luxury of time and care for myself as I would for any client. Yummy!

  • Danae Grijalva

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