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TWIY: Practicing Yoga While Fat, Pain In Your Neck, Half Moon-Full Moon?

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When the moooon is in the seventh hoooouse…So we made it through the latest Pink Moon eclipse in Scorpio as the Sun and Mars travel into Taurus and all that jazzamatazz astronomo stuff. Let us take this time to wish a Happy birthday to all you earthy Tauruses out there. We happen to know a few lovely bulls, no bs.

With cosmic events like full moons and lunar eclipses and such, things are bound to shift and be revealed. Take for instance, our cats suddenly refusing to eat their regular food (WTF guys?), NYC announcing we’re finally recycling more plastics, everyone forgetting George W. Bush’s presidency because he paints selfies of his feet now and American Idol keeping all four finalists for another week! Insanity! See what we mean?

Whatever side of the pink moon you landed on we hope your inner gyroscope will keep you pointed toward your center as we navigate this wild world! Leeeeet the sunshine in.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


Did you miss it? Earth Day came and went just like the flip of a light switch! Here are some Home Appreciation Day thoughts. What if Our Sun Salutes Could Generate Solar Power? And Other Earth Day Meditations


And THEN a full moon? Down Dog, Tree Pose, Half Moon, Full Moon?

Neck Pain image

Is that a chin sticking out or are you just happy to see us? Chin In For The Pain In Your Neck

Project Bendypants

This guest post has touched so many on a personal level. It’s a must read. Project Bendypants: Practicing Yoga While Fat


Hmmm, does this look familiar? Yoga Bag: Cute Short Film, Like the Smack in the Face You Needed


Some neato science news this week. Put your yoga genes on. Yoga Connected with Immediate Gene Expression, Immune Health, Study Says


The ever eloquent Jillian Pransky shares her thoughts and tips on staying in harmony with robust rhythm of spring. Flowing into Spring’s Rigor and Renewal. If you’re interested in training with her, we highly recommend it. Details here.



TWIY: Yoga Goes On Trial, My Morning Jacket Meditations, Emphatic Empathicalism

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