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Yoga Bag: Cute Short Film, Like the Smack in the Face You Needed

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Sometimes when you’re running to yoga, you miss it.

That’s what we’d subtitle this short comedic film called ‘Yoga Bag’, if we were asked to do so. Of course we weren’t, but that hasn’t stopped us yet! So we won’t give too much more away except that the film is written, directed and produced by LA-based filmmaker Bridgid Ryan and it’s set in the growing hotbed of yoga that is Brooklyn.

Pictured above: The Yoga Class Trot. Oh yes, many of you know it well!

Below: A funny reminder to take your yoga with you, like a cute little smack in the face.

Sort of like a yogi’s homage to the rather famous and yogi-like Ferris Bueller quote, no? …Bueller? …Bueller?



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