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TWIY: Yoga Goes On Trial, My Morning Jacket Meditations, Emphatic Empathicalism

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What a week, huh? Happy 4/21. We were so overwhelmed by this past week’s intense events and occurrences, we decided to wait for it to be (almost) over before sending out our regular TWIY. Being here in NYC, close to Boston, far from Texas and even farther from China we send collective positive thoughts and well wishes to those affected by tragic happenings around the world.

Hiding in our bat cave over the past few days gave us a chance to catch up on old-timey flicks. Have you ever seen Funny Face? It’s this kooky Gershwin 1957 musical starring Audrey Hepburn as a budding philosopher bohemian and Fred Astaire as a photographer for a high fashion magazine. In the film, Audrey is convinced by Fred (Hey, we know him well enough. Though, side note, isn’t it weird to just call him Fred? Like your local hardware store guy: Hey Fred, could you grab me that screwdriver set from the top shelf? I can’t reach it. Anyway…) to become the new face of the magazine, which is a play on Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar etc., but not before she teaches old Fred about empathicalism.

What’s empathicalism? “The most sensible approach to true understanding and peace of mind,” Audrey’s character explains. But of course!

The exchange between Dick Avery (Fred Astaire) and Jo Stockton (Audrey Hepburn) continues like this:

Dick Avery: Sounds great, but what is it?
Jo Stockton: It’s based on empathy. Do you know what the word “empathy” means?
Dick Avery: No, I’ll have to have the beginner’s course on that one.
Jo Stockton: Empathy.
Dick Avery: Is it something like sympathy?
Jo Stockton: Oh, it goes beyond sympathy. Sympathy is to understand what someone feels. Empathy is to project your imagination so that you actually feel what the other person is feeling. You put yourself in the other person’s place.

Long story short, you don’t have to be a yogi to feel empathy, or some beatnik book store clerk with an adorable haircut and the thought that she “ought not expose my inner senses” to a be a strong woman (oh, Hollywood portrayals of feminism. More on that later at SaltedScarletry).

We’ve seen a lot of horrific things happening this past week, as well as an uplifting outpouring of heroism, support and positivity. No one can avoid all the bad things that happen in life, but we can’t just turn away from them either. In yoga we learn to be accepting of it all (or you know, we do our best), and that we’re able to swim through any change in tide, if you’ll allow us to rip off a Yogi Tea bag. In the process we may learn to become more compassionate, empathetic and giving human beings.

So you don’t have to practice yoga to practice empathy, but it might better prepare you for life’s sudden surprises, and it might even help you better serve others (and the world) by better understanding what it’s like to take a walk in their shoes with a steadier, more grounded step. You can start with a moment. Be better.

And with that, we bring you the yoga news!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Dec. 11, 2012: Fourth grader Miguel Ruvalcaba holds a pose during a yoga class at Capri Elementary School in Encinitas, Calif. (AP/Gregory Bull)

Dec. 11, 2012: Fourth grader Miguel Ruvalcaba holds a pose during a yoga class at Capri Elementary School in Encinitas, Calif. (AP/Gregory Bull)

We’ll start with the not so great news and get that right out of the way. Yoga goes to trial. Trial Date Set for Parents’ Lawsuit Against Encinitas School Yoga Program

Matthew, Age 6, Loves Yoga

Meanwhile, little Matthew knows how to feel better after a bad day. Yoga, ‘It Just Makes My Day’ – Matthew, Age 6

Jason Mraz-asana photo via last.fm

Jason Mraz-asana photo via last.fm

Snooze alarms are no friend of Jason Mraz when he’s trying to meditate. Jason Mraz Just Wants to Do His Transcendent Restorative Yin Yoga, OK?

Actress Isla Fisher on Yoga Love and Body Acceptance

A refreshing POV from a Meditating Hollywood Mom who would rather talk about how yoga calms her mind rather than how it tightens her butt. Actress Isla Fisher on Yoga Love and Body Acceptance

Jim James Jams with Yoga

Listen up indie rock nerds, it’s Jim James unplugged. My Morning Jacket Frontman Jim James Unplugs with Yoga


To wrap it all up, this man’s liveliness is so contagious we might even start running. Maybe. This 92-Year-Old Man Does Yoga and Can Run Circles Around You


OK one more…Give love! This is Way Too Cute and Dorky Not to Share – Queen Street Yoga “Give Love” Music Video

We leave you with Audrey dancing her way to self expression in this iconic scene from Funny Face. You’ll probably remember this from the Gap ad a few years back, or Beyonce’s “Countdown” video for but the original is much, much better. Take a walk in her dancing shoes.


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