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Banks Now Offer Free Yoga, Beer to Lure Customers

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Banks offer yoga

Erm…meditate on abundance?

If you haven’t already acquired yourself a safe and buried it under your potato crops in your self-sufficient farmland community, you probably stash your cash in something called a bank. Heck, maybe you haven’t even physically seen cash in years because you just use a convenient little plastic thingy that, with each swipe, lowers the digits in an online account that gets magically and electronically replenished every so often, like once a month-ish for most, more frequently, if you’re lucky. The bottom line is why would you ever step your little tootsies into an actual bank if you didn’t have to? How about two reasons…free yoga and beer.

Penny arcades and Regis Philbin just aren’t cutting it anymore! It’s the banks’ newest marketing strategy to get your hot blood pumping bod into the “stores” as they call them so they can pitch you things like car loans and cross-sell other services. So they’re trying to become stickier “community centers.”

For example, an Umpqua Bank branch in Portland, Oregon held an Oktoberfest-like event with free “pretzels, beer and a strolling accordionist.” Other programs include yoga classes to lure current and potential customers into locations. Because nothing says “relaxation” like doing yoga in a financial institution that only wants you for your money. Now they’ll take your prana, too!

The Wall Street Journal reported on this last year (video below) and it seems to be a growing trend according to MarketWatch. So if you were concerned about the ubiquity of banks and/or lack of yoga in your area, get ready for your cash cow pose.

Let’s see, yoga at department stores, yoga at bars, yoga at banks. We just need yoga at gas stations, dentist offices and the DMV and we’ll be the hap-hap-happiest yoga practicing fools on the planet!



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  • amphibi1yogini

    Commercialized yoga is getting to be just like Willie Sutton.

    They now want to go to display their skills in a bank, because “that’s where the money is.”

    Really highly doubt that the old-fashioned guru type that isn’t looking to expand their “brand” or for new students, would become a “Citibank Ambassador”. Just sayin’

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