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TWIY: Meditation Scores Big, Hangover Yoga Tomfoolery, Yoga’s New Messiah?

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Happy April! Were you fooled this week? Or maybe you were the fooler. We played a little prank ourselves, maybe you saw? Edible sticky mat-a-mag revolution. We pity the fool who wouldn’t want one of these, seriously.

Well this was quite a week. What do Lady Gaga, the Yoga Alliance and Jesus have in common? They’ve all risen! Also, we were informed about our new Yoga Messiah. Rejoice! Plus meditation gets high scores, the White House does yoga again and coffee lovers yoga sequence.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


The Gaga is back! Heading to yoga in heels, naturally. Lady Gaga Rises, Returns to Yoga in Heels


Is that green juice spiked? Hangover Yoga is Hip in Brooklyn, Free Drink Included (Buzz is Extra)


Thanks to Buzzfeed, we can gander at these clever and kooky yoga ads from around the world. 6 Kooky Yoga Ads

De-clutter mind map

Meditate on this:  Study: Meditation Reduces Mind Wandering, Improves Working Memory, Test Scores

Congressman Tim Ryan

Will documentaries help meditation reach more people? This one will try. New Documentary Aims to Make Meditation More Accessible and Less Simplistic

Jared McCann

Our new savior and we didn’t even know we needed saving. Here’s what you need to know. Meet Your Next Big Yoga Star Ready to ‘Take Over the Whole Yoga World’

2013 Easter Egg Roll Hunt at The White House

The White House does Yoga on Easter once again. Yoga at White House Easter Egg Roll – Photos


Regular #Yogopinions columnist J. Brown takes on Yoga Alliance and ponders their potential.  Giving Yoga Alliance a Chance


Tomfoolery! Too far? Lululemon’s Distasteful ‘Lululeather’ April Fool’s Joke Goes Too Far

In case you missed it:

yoga for coffee lovers



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