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Lady Gaga Rises, Returns to Yoga in Heels

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Can’t a lady walk to yoga class in heels and leave in a Louis Vuitton wheelchair anymore without the snap happy paparazzi? Sheesh.

For those of you who’ve lit your candles and designed your altar of dedication for Lady Gaga‘s return to health and wearing household cleaning products as clothing, you can rest easy. The little monster queen is not only walking again after her surgery last month to repair a labral tear in her hip, she’s returned to strutting into yoga class in heels, albeit much, much more sensible heels (and some weird bear arms she must have wrestled to the ground herself to get).

Gags was seen heading into a Bikram class in NYC’s east village yesterday, but exited via wheelchair. There’s a joke in there somewhere. It’s not just any wheelchair, it’s a Louis Vuitton wheelchair.


We don’t know for sure if she took class or not since she’s good pals with Bikram LES owner Tricia Donegan and she could have just missed her friend and that smell of human sweat matted into the carpet and walls. We’re just glad to see the 27-year-old out and about. Take it easy, mama. Don’t be doing any national asana competitions now, ya hear?




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