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New Documentary Aims to Make Meditation More Accessible and Less Simplistic

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Congressman Tim Ryan

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan

Lately, there seem to be yogamentaries (yoga-focused documentaries) coming out of our ears and asanas, but we can’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing. As long as they’re good and people watch them. With the approach of this new kickstarter project telling the stories of meditators of all stripes, we think people beyond the yoga choir might even get interested.

It’s called ‘ON MEDITATION: documenting the inner journey‘ and it’s a series of short portrait films that explore an individual’s practice of meditation, how it works for them and what it looks like on a very basic physical level, hopefully breaking down at least some of the mystique. Their aim is “to make meditation both more accessible and less simplistic,” and they’ve already got a slew of mixed characters lined up for the vignettes: actor Giancarlo Esposito (Do the Right ThingThe Usual Suspects, and King of New York, Breaking Bad), acclaimed author Peter Matthiessen, Buddhist monk The Venerable Metteyya, Congressman Tim Ryan and budding yogapreneur Elena Brower, who also happens to be the film’s executive producer.

A production of Snapdragon Films, ON MEDITATION is being helmed by director/executive producer team Rebecca Dreyfus and Susannah Ludwig and of course Lady Brower who are trying to raise $50,000 to finish the first five portraits and shoot five more. (Wish list includes: Phil Jackson, Katy Perry, Patti Smith, Jeff Bridges, Russell Brand, Eileen Fisher, Donna Karan, Robert Thurman, Howard Stern, Russell Simmons, Mark Epstein, Eva Mendes, Alannis Morrisette, Sally Kempton, David Lynch, and Quincy Jones iii.).

As a bonus, for every advance DVD backed via kickstarter they will donate a copy to a school or institution for underserved populations, which sounds like a nice thing to do.

Here’s their promo video. Of course you can’t see an inner journey, but maybe with all different people talking about it, we can understand better for ourselves? The video is a little woo-wah for our taste and we hope the final film gets a tad more down to earth for the unindoctrinated if they really want to reach regular people, but we appreciate the idea and efforts.



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  • Karen

    I don’t know about woo-wah – it seems pretty good to me. Nice mix of people of various backgrounds and levels of public recognition being articulate. I’d watch it.

  • Stewart J. Lawrence

    As shallow and shameless as ever. This is worse than taking gym balls and trying to re-brand them as “yoga” balls. Now you’re honestly suggesting that all these rich contemporary traditions of meditation — Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, the list is
    endless — should be repackaged as “yoga.” And really, just because your favorite corporate yoga whore (and John Friend cast-off) produced the thing.

    You’re right. The masses are way too smart — and grounded – to buy this brand of
    perfumed ass soap. I’ll be in my Infinity Pool., but feel free to call.

    • novecho

      Perfumed Ass Soap….is that sold on any yoga websites yet?

  • I think that it is great to see meditation being featured through more visual channels. I think it makes an interesting feature film. It would be great if the Kickstarter campaign could include some tie-in with the Calm smartphone app or even develop one of their own. Smartphone apps that teach people to take a bit of time every day to meditate are awesome because they demystify meditation and bring it to a down to earth level. Great piece of news and I hope they do well in their crowdfunding effort!

  • Thank you YogaDork. We appreciate the kind mention and are grateful for the dialogue about the film. We can check David Lynch off the list; his portrait is superb. Please feel free to email me if you’d like to see it prior to the film’s release. Thank you again.

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