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Yoga Journal Shuts Down, Bloggers Take Over to Run Diverse, Edible Publication

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HUGE announcement! There have been some murmurs growing louder and louder online and we just can’t keep it under wraps any longer. This is kind of crazy and may come as quite a shock. The rumors are true…

Via a press release:

Yoga Journal is shutting down production, ceasing its normal publication and reemerging as a blogger run online magazine. There will be no paper magazines published. Instead people with subscriptions will receive articles printed on gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, soy-free, fat-free, ad-free, highly antioxidant laden, disposable and edible yoga mats every month. Subscribers are highly encouraged to compost them, recycle them and/or eat them as a healthy snack (material TBD).

The mag-a-mats™ will be distributed by human-sized Pez-like dispensers at your local yoga studios, provided for free by the new YJ. All profits and leftovers will benefit charitable organizations.

Yoga Journal is excited (read: also shocked) to have infamous yoga bloggers from YogaDork, It’s All Yoga, Baby and Linda’s Yoga Journey take over in order to get in line with the times and reach the yoga folks of today. “They just weren’t hip, digital or edible enough,” says a source, referring to Yoga Journal’s longstanding magazine that is made out of indigestible paper and which appeals largely to a narrow scope of white middle and upper middle class practitioners.

What will change? Who’s in charge?

Some of you may have heard Kaitlin Quistgaard recently and quietly stepped down as YJ Editor-in-Chief after almost 7 years in the position and 10 years at the magazine. What you may not have heard was that Roseanne Harvey, founder and the intrepid blogger of It’s All Yoga, Baby will be stepping up to take her place!

“When they asked me to be EIC, I was shocked. Because I would try to make the magazine all lefty and diverse, I would offend advertisers and stakeholders, and I would want longer, more in-depth articles about real issues.” Lucky for Roseanne, that’s just what they were looking for. Who is ‘they’? No one really knows, but word has it the new owner of YJ has a very itchy third eye and looks a lot like a dawg.

YogaDork will be heading up online operations as digital director and head yoga mat taster. “We’re proud to be the voice of our yoga generation. Or at least a voice. Of a yoga generation. Yum,” YD said.

Linda of Linda’s Yoga Journey will step in to take care of all the other stuff about the magazine that has really gotten her goat for so many years. “OmmmmMG, I’ve been miffed for years! It’s like now I don’t know what to do but I’m so f*@$ing happy to do it.” Linda said.

But the shake up hasn’t sat well in sukhasana for everyone. “The advertisers of weight-loss products and myriad dietary supplements as well as cookie cutter models with a penchant for getting half-naked in poses for yoga magazines are pissed off,” a former YJ employee said.

Still, those who’ve been privy to the takeover, reload and re-launch of YJ 2.0 call it a positive for yogis of all styles, races, shapes, and sizes. Now we can have our yoga and eat it, too. Nom, nom-aste.

In other news…

– The Lululemon see-through pantscapade was just a silly joke. Ha…hrm.

– Bikram Choudhury has quit yoga to join a monastery, not as a monk but as a merchandising and ethics consultant.

– Adam Levine and Russell Brand have joined forces in a national tour of yoga studios and want you to be their personal guide.

– It’s April Fool’s Day!



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  • I wish it were so… *sigh*

  • Honomann

    In less than a year, this will be a real news story. YJ has been suckin’ since the mid 00s.

  • just blew chai out my nose! TOO FUNNY! am in India right now and a friend put this on my FB page! LOVE IT!

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