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Flowchart: Now What Should You Wear to Yoga?

in Lululemon Pantscapade, YogaHaha

So, er…there’s this see-through yoga pants sitch going on. A concerned member of the community forwarded us this handy, overly simplistic and cheeky flowchart to help you in your yoga wear decision making process (especially if you just can’t let go of your lulu pants).

Guys, boxer briefs? Do you agree?

What to wear to Yoga? Flowchart



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  • Frenzy37

    The funny thing is not many guys in my area would dare go to a yoga class. So when my teacher tries to encourage a new guy to attend the first thing they ask her is ‘what do u wear?’ Her reply ‘well nothing of course’ usually doesn’t help matters.

    Asics running short for me and a Nike pro combat top. I like tops and bottoms to stay in place

  • VanillaGorilla

    Underwear gets in the way of my samadhi.

    Shirts are for teaching.

    And what’s with the assumption that you’ll only sweat in ‘hot yoga’?

  • Steve P.

    Boxer briefs? Hell no! Commando with 72K. Ever try to adjust your junk getting foot up into the root of the thigh in Vrksasana? Ladies don’t have this issue.

  • Gavin Rutherford

    Wear what the hell you want, it’s not relevant. Find out what yoga really is, otherwise you’re seriously missing the point with all this.

    • Rob

      you’re missing the point. every person who does yoga should follow this flow chart exactly forever.

      • Gavin Rutherford

        And blaze a trail to Samadhi! You’re a wise man. I thought all the Rishis were in hiding. Have a nice day 🙂

      • Gavin Rutherford

        Yogash chitta vritti nirodhah.

  • I would like to ask the question. Why is everyone freaking out about Lulu Lemon yoga pants as if they are the only company that manufactures yoga pants? With all due respect may I suggest y’all just take a breath and get over it. This is an opportunity to practice a little yoga and go try on gear that is made awesomely (is that a word) and that is manufactured in the United States. Like ELECTRIC YOGA by Michele Bohbot. http://www.Electric-Yoga.com There is an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive by supporting manufactures who have an asana practice and practice yoga by making manufacturing jobs here in the US. 🙂

  • The last comment was ment for a different post. Woops. Sorry.

  • fun mindmap, but seems a lot about “what brand should you wear”. And actually that should not be the most important thing. I’d say: dress humble but practical, and cover your intimate areas well enough 😉
    maybe we should rather discuss: how clean should you enter and leave a studio? 😉

    • Nick

      Interesting indeed Katharina

      I’ll admit it … I go to yoga class to cleanse. I’m sorry if it offends you that I fart in your yoga studio … but I’m not sorry that I fart in your yoga studio. I literally went there to twist the farts out.

      My skin gets dry, flaky, cracked, bleeding, if I take too many showers in a day. If I need to not smell like rotting sweat after my yoga class, then I need to NOT shower before it. Multiple showers a day aren’t really an option for me.

  • Chris

    What to wear to the Yoga-studio ?

    Fleece-sweat-pants from Wal-Mart : $7
    T-Shirt from Wal-Mart : $7
    There ! All done !
    Lulu-what, now ?

    The above works just fine, for men and women.

    So ready to get my Yoge on !

  • It is good to know.

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