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Kate Beckinsale Schools Chelsea Handler on Yoga and Toxic Lifestyle – Funny Video

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Kate Beckinsale Teaches Chelsea Handler Yoga

Brit actress Kate Beckinsale stays healthy with yoga and all she wants to do is help her pal Chelsea Handler reap the benefits, too. What with all the toxic living, drugs and, uh…penises.

Chelsea Handler fans and Chelsea Lately viewers know that the late night talk show host does not shy away from self-deprecating and awkward situations, in fact she creates them for comic effect. (See her fight with Reese Witherspoon or her hilarious naked argument/intervention with Sandra Bullock in the shower).

This skit from the March 25 episode of After Lately, a semi-scripted “behind-the-scenes” look at Chelsea Lately on E! guests Kate Beckinsale, a fit actress who practices yoga on a regular basis and critiques Handler for her lack of physique and self control during a private backstage yoga sesssion (taught by Jennifer Aniston’s main teacher Mandi Ingber).

As expected, it’s dirty and over the top and cheeky, especially during prasarita padottanasana. (We’ve been there).

“Well, okay, I get it. You have a great body,” Handler tells Beckinsale. “But you don’t need to stick my face in it. I see it! I mean, if I start doing this on a regular [basis], when does it kick in, the yoga?”

“It’s not just the yoga,” Beckinsale explains. “It’s also what you’re eating and what you’re doing. You’ve got quite a toxic lifestyle.”

“I’m having juice. I’m having absolutely no food at all, let alone drugs and different types of penis every day. Do you know what I mean?”

Let’s be honest, juice fasting jokes aside, if you’re really being calorie conscious, penis isn’t your worst option. Erm. Annnnyway, don’t give up Chelsea! Yeah, yoga! We’re gonna go have a totally un-innuendoed sandwich right now.

The episode will air tonight, Monday, March 25, at 10:30 p.m. EST.



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  • Ashley

    Hilarious! i love Kate Beckinsale! Check out this even funnier video called Shit Guru’s Say https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=svzMLrZWBIk

  • I am a fan of Chelsea Lately. She doesn’t fail to make me laugh. Anyway, now I know why Kate is really fit. She takes good care of her body pretty well through Yoga and her lifestyle is really good. I hope I can be as fit as her.

  • This is soon to be classic Chelsea. I also loved her “confrontation” with Reese. The homemade kids candle, purple and warped and bent and remotely phallic, was an amazing joke in of itself. I love how she strikes a balance between raw and real, but still likable. A very difficult posture to maintain, which she manages effortlessly. I’d love to be “kept” by her.

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