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TWIY: Lulu’s See-Through Pantscapade, Bikram’s Sex Scandal, Tadasana to Healthy Happy

in This Week in Yoga

Winter to Spring

Happy Spring! Why, with all the ruckus and hell raising this week, the little seeds and bulbs are probably afraid to blossom. You know that means a helluva lot more sun salutations this weekend, right? Disappear dark clouds!

As yoga folks we practice how to live with both the light and the dark, the good and the bad, as nature intended, and actually IS at its essence, a balance of both. We agree, it’s a total bummer when bad news hits, especially when it’s about your bum being unintentionally exposed (see: lululemon see-through pantscapade) But with the dark we can find the light, shining on yet another lesson so that we may learn, reflect and move on (especially when it’s a bright light and you’re wearing sheer yoga pants over polka dot undies.) This is not a “bend over” test.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


We started the week in a sweet and innocent savasana. Well, sort of…snort, fart, zzzzzz Absolute Least Favorite (and Favorite) Sounds to Hear in Savasana


Then came the news…hide your children! But only if they’re wearing $100 yoga pants. Lululemon Recalls See-Through Yoga Pants, Causes Shortage, Rioting in the Streets (Probably)

Was the lulu recall a major screw up or brilliant marketing? Or both? The Great Lululemon Yoga Pants Shortage Goes from Sheer to Scandalous


Jimmy, gimme the light! This is really funny. Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Mocks Yoga Pants Shortage Crisis – Video


One major fracas wasn’t enough for one week, so this happened. It was a long time coming, according to the lawsuit filed by a former student (above). Read the court documents: Bikram Choudhury Sued for Sexual Harassment, Sex-Based Discrimination

Want some good news to round out the week?

BKS Iyengar in Tadasana

TADA! sana Better Posture Means Better Health, Studies Say

OK Namaste 1

Are you or have you been freaked out by saying namaste? Here’s Jill Miller’s take on her initial repulsion to a welcoming embrace It’s OK To Say ‘Namaste’



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