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Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Mocks Yoga Pants Shortage Crisis – Video

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The yoga pants shortage is a crisis that affects us all! Well, mostly upper middle class white ladies, and Lululemon stock holders, but still, it’s a national tragedy that every news outlet in the country reported on yesterday. Thank goodness we have Jimmy Kimmel to start us on our path to recovery.

“Are you familiar with Lululemon yoga pants?” Jimmy Kimmel asked his Jimmy Kimmel Live audience Tuesday night. “Lululemon is a coven of witches, I think, that casts a spell over women and gets them to wear spandex again,” he joked.

He then introduced this hilarious video about the yoga pants shortage crisis we should all take very seriously.

Don’t let America wear yogurt pants!

“With your donation of just $120 a day you can put one woman in one pair of yoga pants.”



The Great Lululemon Yoga Pants Shortage Goes from Sheer to Scandalous


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