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Absolute Least Favorite (and Favorite) Sounds to Hear in Savasana

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Savasana Thoughts

Ahh…sacred savasana, the final relaxation pose where you can finally let go. UNLESS. Unless there’s some incredibly annoying sound or distraction that inexorably pulls you out of your restful state. Blast! You know what we’re talking about. The other day we asked everyone to share their savasana audible gripes and grievances as well as favorite sounds to hear at the end of yoga class.

Hey, we all know things happen, but we’ve all been there. This is what you told us…

Least Favorite Sounds During Savasana


1. SNORING. The number one least favorite sound during savasana. Whether it’s by neighbors or by your own snoozy snoz (including the falling asleep startle snort), this was by far everyone’s least favorite savasana soundtrack.

Keep Calm and Don't...

2. Houdini-asana. In close second is the old pack up your mat and leave early trick. Except it’s never quietly enough and inevitably keys jingle, doors slam and extreme rustling of belongings occurs like it’s a event in the X Games. And a tip to those ducking out early, whispering is still talking! We know there are extenuating circumstances, but savasana skippers might want to read this.

3. Cell phones ringing or vibrating. Vibrate is still ON and during savasana we know that is not the divine calling you blowing up your spot.

4.  Neighbor noises. Whether it’s loud farting, forced heavy breathing, coughing or nonstop fidgeting, sometimes neighbor yogis are the greatest peace disrupters. Sigh.

5. Chatty instructors. Short inspiring and uplifting words or readings are cool, but long lectures on how students should feel or self-helpy speeches? Save your pranic breath!

6. Outside noises. Talking outside the studio, students waiting for the next class, footsteps, toilet flushes, car alarms, ice cream trucks, jackhammers and wood chippers are all unwelcome savasana sounds! Hear that world?

Neutral: Music. Some said music was great when instrumental or when it has a positive message or if it’s chanting. Others said music was their least favorite thing to hear in savasana.


Favorite Savasana Sounds

1. Silence. By far the favorite. So you can imagine why literally any sound might be a frustrating interruption. Shhhhh.

2. Breathing. While Darth Vaders in corpse pose might conjure a desire for lightsaber powers, sweet sighs or hearing your own natural breathing, soothing they are.

3. Tibetan singing bowls. Hypnotic and calming for some, but not an all-around corpse pleaser.

4. Nature sounds. You know like rain falling, wind, birds chirping, chipmunks foraging, grass growing, etc. NOT natural gas, as previously mentioned.

Of course we can put it all into perspective, thanks to Holly Margaret Morissette who commented:

What would bother me at the beginning of class always tends to seem irrelevant by the end of class. If I hear people rolling their mat to leave early, I remind myself that they could have to take their mom to a doctors appointment, or pick up their kid from pre-school, or rush to a job to support their family. That person snoring may not have slept in days! Letting go of that judgement of others, and not being bothered by the little things is my favorite part of yoga. It’s what keeps me coming back for more.

Well, we think that’s just wonderful. For the sake of the peace and everyone around you, please read the following cheerfully to yourself, Happy Savasan-ing!



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  • Cosmic connection — was thinking about the challenge of savasana over the weekend & wrote/blog posted about it yesterday (I even included the Yoga Dawg Howls “This is not Lying Down” cartoon)!

    Enjoyed this post immensely! And I love Gemma Correll’s savasana cartoon. 🙂

  • Ninjenni

    our “relaxation yoga” teacher used to bring in her journey drum and play for us during savasana. it’s surprising how relaxing just the beat of a drum can be!

  • alice

    Those annoying sounds are the greatest of teachers. We can learn to sink into savasana and still those mental fluctuations despite interruptions, a lesson that is also very helpful off the mat.

  • TMY

    I recently started a blog and one of my first posts was “8 Things That Don’t Annoy Me In A Yoga Class (that could annoy me outside of one)” (ticking watch was one of them! lol)

    I agree Holly, the non-judgement and fully accepting everyone in the moment is my fave part of yoga too (and the yoga muscles 😉


  • I love Holly’s comment, it brings such good perspective and I am going to keep that in mind the next time I start to feel myself getting annoyed. Thank you!

  • Yogaga

    I happen to love when sirens roll by when I’m in savasana. To me, it’s a deep reminder of how small I and my pain are and that I am part of a vast network of people who love and suffer and need.

  • Jenna

    The studio I practice at is on a major street, and sometimes the traffic going by, especially when the roads are wet, sounds like the city breathing. And I love that.

  • Carrie

    I loved the comment quoted from Holly Margaret Morissette about letting go of judgement when someone leaves Savasana early. True yogic thinking!


  • As a student, I couldn’t agree more, one of my instructors used to go to the toilet and wash his hands in the bathroom which we could all hear, it was soooo annoying. As a teacher, I am acutly aware of trying to be quiet and almost feel like a right intruder when I ask them to come back to the land of the living. It seems such a horrid thing to do 🙂 Snoring though, always just makes me smile 🙂

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