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Penn State Preps for Big Ten Tournament with Yoga

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Penn State Yoga

The Michigan Wolverines are favored to win against the Nittany Lions in the opening-round Big Ten Tournament game happening this afternoon, but Penn State did yoga the other day, so the ball is up in the air! Penn State’s Pat Chambers is a big believer in staying in the moment, he says. A helpful tactic when your season record is nothing to celebrate. But yoga is helping them find a clear slate.

Chambers, who probably thought yoga was lame back in his playing days at Philadelphia University and admits to doing “zero,” is now a convert, thanks to Villanova, and the fact that yoga actually isn’t lame or girly. (Someone needs to tell that to the team merchandise licensing director who said ok to only sell flowery pink yoga fanmats. Now that’s lame.)

“We did yoga yesterday,” Chambers said.

“I was doing yoga when I was an assistant at Villanova, and I absolutely loved it,” Chambers said. “It just clears your mind. It’s an unbelievable stretch. It’s great for the body, it’s good for the mind.”

Taking a tip from the old pros, eh? It seems that more and more athletes and coaches are turning to yoga to help their game. With a struggling pack of Lions one or two sessions here or there may not make a huge difference for the 12th-seeded team (they’re facing fifth-seeded and AP No. 6 Michigan) but we applaud the effort and the non-attachment to the results, right guys?

On this court no effort is wasted, no score is ever reversed. – Bhagavad Gita

Go team! Good luck!







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  • Just love that pink mat! It’s the bomb!

  • Being a Penn State grad, I’m happy to see that yoga has found a place in Happy Valley.

  • I can’t wait for them to observe the profound, positive difference yoga will have on their kinetic sense of movement, their centers of gravity, flexibility, etc. Some years ago, NFL players participated in a study in which they took ballet for X amount of weeks. Those that did suffered no injuries, sprains, or pulled muscles after the season began. Those that did not suffered inflammation, tingling, poor circulation, etc. Good point about the mat. It presupposed the manufacturer buys into the yoga=girly equation, which the above will hopefully begin to dispel.

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