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TWIY: Competitive Yoga Alliance, Swiss Court Rules on Kindergarten Yoga, Tom Cruise Yoga Mat

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Great balls of fire, it’s International Women’s Day! Give the ladies in your life some love. Progress, people. It’s what we all want. Sometimes it’s slower than we’d like, and sometimes it’s been festering there under the surface ready to go and all we really had to do was stand up straight, look it right in the stinkin’ eye and press the button.

It’s true, we can be our own worst obstacle. It happens. We’re grateful for those moments of clarity our yoga practice brings to us when will and empowerment stomp out fear and doubt like a stampede of hungry Ganeshas on a field trip to a peanut farm. But you can’t stop there, you have to keep going.

It’s like that 90’s dance song goes, “Now that we found love, what are we gonna dooo…with iiiit?”

Where are we going with this? In celebration of International Women’s Day we pressed the first button. We are super duper so incredibly excited and proud to announce a new addition to the webby family, a new site for and from the feminine. It’s called SaltedScarletry and it’s coming this spring. We hope it’s inspiring, but for heaven’s sake, we promise it’s not a site constructed solely of inspirational quotes. For more info click here.

Now let me take time to set your mind and your body free 
So why don’t you just stretch
Stretch for a sec. 

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Top Gun Yoga


Tom Cruise Gifts Russell Brand a Yoga Mat, Top Gun Meditations – and it almost definitely probably looks something like our fantasy rendition.

Yoga Alliance Registered

Speaking of your boyfriends. The Yoga Alliance would like you to take them back, please. Thanks. New Yoga Alliance CEO Aims to Win Back Trust with Professional Perks, Insurance and Actually Answering Phone Calls

Swiss Yoga, Holy Cow

So the Swiss have parents freaking out over yoga in school, too. Swiss High Court Rules Against Parents in Kindergarten Yoga Case

National Asana Championship 2013 Winners

National Asana Championship 2013 Winners

Ah, competitive yoga? Yep. Is it ok if it’s only asana? Rajashree Choudhury on Championing Yoga Asana as Competitive Sport – Watch the National Asana Championship Livestream

Ryan Giggs Man United

Congrats to maybe the greatest Manchester United player of all time! Ryan Giggs, Dedicated Yogi, Scores Record 1000th Career Appearance

Warrior Pose

Latest in Yogaitorials: From armoring up for war to armoring down for peaceful civilian life. A Flashlight for the Valley of the Shadow of Death – A War Vet’s Yoga

New in YogopinionsFamily Life is the Yogic Cave by J. Brown. “Even if there were enough enlightened masters to go around, I just don’t see how we can ever really learn about the nature of life, and the role we play in it, if the goal is to somehow transcend or remove ourselves from that experience.”



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