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Introducing SaltedScarletry, A New Website For and From the Feminine

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Holy crap. This is incredibly exciting and so very pee-our-pants worthy because it’s been a long time coming. But it’s International Women’s Day (happy!), and we thought it was as perfect a time as any to go ahead. We are so pleased and over the new moon to announce the pre-announcement of the pre-release of our newest project and beta baby to be birthed later this spring.

Introducing SaltedScarletry, a new website for and from the feminine.

More details to come…

For now, stay informed by signing up to the mailing list and we’ll be sure to send you updates on events, announcements, website launch and all that jazz. We swear on our collector’s edition of Gone With the Wind no emails will be sold to Nigerian princes (or any other spammies) no matter how filthy rich they promise we’ll be if we would just help them with the seed money.

This is also a call and an invitation. Are you moved by culture? Do you want to help make change, build connections and stir conversation? Are you inspired by any of these women? Want to get involved? Women and men alike are invited sign up at the link below and check the appropriate boxes.

Sign up link here -> http://eepurl.com/wvX2b Pass it on! Also baby stages of twitter and facebook.

Great balls of fire. 


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  • Christina Lynch

    Looking forward to see what may come.

  • angela

    Also looking forward to the new site.

  • Jeannie Bristow

    Sounds exciting!

  • dan

    what is meant by “feminine”?

  • Fiddledee dee! What’s all this about?

    I remember watching Gone with the Wind on TV with my Amma (grandmother) when I was a girl. I thought Rhett Butler was a rogue and I was shocked (in a good way) to see how girlish Amma became every time Gable’s character made one of his(in)famous speeches to Scarlett.

    Ever seen YOUR gramma swoon?! 🙂

    Looking forward to getting more deets about SaltedScarletry!

    Best wishes,

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