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Tom Cruise Gifts Russell Brand a Yoga Mat, Top Gun Meditations

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Top Gun Yoga

What the mat almost definitely, probably looked like.

When British comedian Russell Brand isn’t keeping us up on the LA yoga protest-liberation scene, or entertaining 100s of yogis plus Demi Moore at his home, he’s probably trying to release his Kundalini energy (in a totally nonsexual way) or saying something outrageous and/or hilarious. This time it’s the latter, thanks to Tom Cruise.

Brand told U.K. TV show This Morning,

“Tom Cruise bought me (a yoga mat). Well, I don’t know if Tom Cruise actually went into a shop and said, ‘Hi, I’m here for a yoga mat,’ because I think he’s too busy thinking about Top Gun and all these wacky schemes, but certainly someone who works for Tom Cruise goes, ‘Here’s a yoga mat – when you use it, think of Tom Cruise.’ And I do.”

Because when Maverick buys you a yoga mat and asks you to think of him you better damn well do it. Though there’s no real evidence of Tom practicing yoga himself, we’re pretty sure if he does it looks something like this.

Tom Cruise Oprah Yoga

Surely the Oprah incident was Tom releasing some kind of, ehrm, alien serpent. Take out breath awayyyy.




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