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TWIY: Harlem Yoga Shake, Ethiopian Refugee Yoga Class, Your Last Yoga Playlist Ever, Cat Yoga

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Kitty YogaHappy March! Two months into the year already – we’ve only just begun! February is a short month but it packs enough punch we’re honestly thrilled to make the crossover. Phew! We can almost taste the gluten-free vegan kale sorbet and hear the faint trippy beats of Moby DJ sets of the yoga festival season now.

This week was an interesting mix of interweb delights and news. Get your Harlem Shakers and your devil horns ready. Yogacats are GO!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Bikram Yoga Harlem Shake
Just when you think you’ve seen them all. Harlem Shake Yoga Style – Videos

Ethiopian Refugee Women Practicing Yoga

Photo of the Week: Ethiopian Women Practice Yoga Together in Refugee Camp

Metal Yoga

Heavy Metal Yoga to Melt Your Face Off. Melting hearts is for the meek.

iTunes Om

Your yoga playlist prayers have been answered! The Only Yoga Playlist You’ll Ever Really Need

Let's Move

MObama wants mo physical activity and mo yoga in schools. Michelle Obama Promotes ‘Let’s Move’ Initiative with Namaste School of Yogis


Cat Yoga, it’s a science! Cat Yoga With the Internet’s Feline Expert – Video

Dan Straily Pitchasana. (photo: Sara Molina/Sacramento River Cats)

Dan Straily Pitchasana. (photo: Sara Molina/Sacramento River Cats)

Take us out to the preseason where baseball players practice yoga before the ball game. Oakland A’s Yoga Practice

Ang Lee accepts Oscar for best director, 2013.

Did you catch the Oscars? We know, they were, like, eons ago! Ang Lee won and namaste’d. Director Ang Lee’s ‘Namaste’ Oscar Acceptance Speech, Oscar Yoga Fashion



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