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Heavy Metal Yoga to Melt Your Face Off

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metal-yoga Speaking of the ultimate yoga class playlist, how about the sweet serenading of Metallica or the peaceful purr of Slayer or Anthrax? Welcome to Heavy Metal Yoga.

“Listen to metal. Do yoga. Melt your face off in a very relaxing and healing way,” is usually what gets us on our mats, we don’t know about you. Kidding aside, this is a real thing and a real class at Atlanta’s Tough Love Yoga and some yogis really dig it. \m/

This is what happens when guys say they’ll only try yoga if heavy metal music is playing, according to TLY owner Neda Draupadi Honarvar who has laid claim to inventing metal yoga (though we think she’ll have to take that up with Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine).

What to expect in a metal yoga class? One writer for Atlanta Magazine describes his newb experience as less melty hearts and not nearly as many melty faces as potentially melty eardrums. Still in the end, it was a yoga class.

The soundtrack for each class is a single artist—say, Neurosis, Isis, or Metallica. The music isn’t blasted, but, as my girlfriend found out, setting up your mat right next to the speakers isn’t a good idea unless you’re a huge Mastodon fan.

What did listening to metal add to the experience? Well, I’m not entirely sure. But it felt more hardcore, like something I’d do again (and write about) with pride. Also, in that peculiar way I’d discovered before, in other yoga practices, I felt very relaxed when it was over. Or perhaps relieved. Sometimes it’s tough to tell the difference.

There’s certainly an argument for NO music at all in yoga class (if you asked some yogis, this would probably be it). But while metal music seems to be, oh we don’t know, highly aggressive and violent in nature, we suppose it may be the intro some people need to get on their mats and thrash around in biting-the-head-off-a-bat-asana.



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  • Honomann

    Enough with the playlists YD! Are you guys getting some kind of payola from the record industry?! Must be because your suggestions are horrible. Thats coming from someone who loves music.

  • Music is definitely a vehicle for some people to get on their yoga mat and practice more. Nowadays you know if a teacher or studio is going to play music in their class or not, and what kind of music they are going to play. So largely it is up to the practitioner to make an informed decision of where to practice. No need to go as far as metal though, there are some healthier alternatives.


    The Householders

  • I’ve used Metallica (early classical instrumental stuff), Marilyn Manson, GnR, Soundgarden, Audioslave & Ozzy in my classes – don’t think I’d do a full class of just one band though – that’s a wee bit limiting! Well, except for maybe Pink Floyd or the Beatles (not metal, I know)…straight metal – Metallica!

  • Some songs I will be using teaching heavy yoga:
    Suicidal Tendencies-You Can’t Bring Me Down
    Rollins Band- Shine
    Smashing Pumpkins-Today
    Foxy Shazam-Unstoppable
    Soundgarden-My Wave
    Against Me!-New Wave

    • Semper Fi

      Remind me to never go to your class.

  • Candace

    I love diversity and celebrating that there is yoga for everyone.

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