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The Only Yoga Playlist You’ll Ever Really Need

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iTunes Om

All the hemming and hawing over what songs to play in yoga class. Who needs it? Here it is, the only playlist you’ll ever really need (sorry kirtan and Krishna Das-ers). The hypnotic groove of The XX “Intro” on a 10-hour loop. The new MTV.  You’re welcome.

Aw the 10-hour version is gone, but here’s a 4-hour version to tide you over.




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  • Love it! Smooth intro then it gets sort of chunky, with a deep beat. Then a mysterious flowing wave of movement dances through. Very cool!

  • This is great. How do I get this on my Ipod?

  • Jackie

    Just downloaded it from iTunes, Thank You!

  • love it! this may just become my go to yoga class playlist!

  • Honomann

    The only playlist I need is from inside.

  • hopeful

    Honomann I agree wholeheartedly with you and admire your effort in holding fast against the strong tide of playlist importancia! as Pato Banton says…”never give in”. You’re not alone!

    • Honomann

      Thanks Hopeful!

      No one ever hit Samadhi listening to 10 hours of meh-tier angsty twee pop.

      The only good thing about the track above is that it may put “self-proclaimed yoga dj and yoga instructor” Amber Kavehkar Yoga DJ Sukha out of a job.

  • Gavin Rutherford

    This track would do my head in I should think. Would rather listen to Benjy Wertheimer though. He always does the trick 😉

  • Yep! I definitely have used this in my yoga mixes and it’s always popular.

  • I have to respectfully object to the notion that this covers every playlist :). Definitely could use some of The Householders, Songs for Kali.


    The Householders

  • YogiBar

    This could certainly be the last playlist you’d ever need–if your goal was to slit your wrist & die a slow painful death!

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