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Harlem Shake Yoga Style – Videos

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Are you Harlem Shake’n to the point of breaking? Not so fast, yoga wants in on the inoculable internet meme.

What started as a catchy tune by a DJ named Baauer with a hook tied to an old NY dance move and a funny idea by a bunch of teenagers from Australia with some kooky costumes born into a worldwide 31 second video epidemic. By February 15, 2013 just two weeks after the original was uploaded, about 40,000 Harlem Shake videos had been uploaded to YouTube, totalling 175 million views, says wikipedia, because everyone, and we mean everyone, has made one. Surely that number is doubled now if the amount of yoga Harlem Shake clips are any indication.

So without further ado, if you want to know exactly what your Wanderlust ticket will buy you this summer, here you have some (not nearly all) of the Yoga Harlem Shake videos featuring meditators, vinyasars, Ashtangis, Bikramites and of course lulus making silly and utter ridiculousness adding to the record viral hilarity/travesty. To which Baauer says thank you. Xie xie. Namaste.

(The original Harlem Shake is demonstrated in the last video, in case you were curious and haven’t been privy to the homebase backlash.)

The real Harlem Shake. Take it, Harlem.




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  • Marcia

    let’s do IT!!!!

  • Thank you for showing the real deal at the end!!!!

  • Love the Harlem Shake videos! Thanks for the yoga edition 😉

  • Thank you for finding these & showing them. The Puppy Shake (runs after “BEST Harlem Shake”) is hysterical — so cute! 🙂

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  • Jen

    LOVE the videos! Thanks for sharing!

  • It will be very fun to do Harlem Shake Yoga.

  • Thanks for sharing all these! It was really fun to watch. There’s such a contrast with the calmness in yoga and chaos in the Harlem Shake that makes this so interesting to see.

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