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YD Deal: Take 20% Off NamaSTAY Yoga Towels

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YD Deals, where Jenn, the yogadealer, helps you save your yoga dough one penny at a time.

NamaSTAY towelSome like it hot and some get sweaty, but none like it slippery. While most of us are still daydreaming about warmer temps and sun saluting oceanside, others are opting for hot yoga rooms to keep up their spirits. And while hot yoga can help keep you fluid, sharing sweat-infused mats might make us germaphobe yogis cringe and stiffen, no matter how hard we try to focus on our practice. But hot yoga die-hards can now have their cake (kale chips) and eat them too.

NamaSTAY, the newly patented yoga towel covering for mats will keep communal germs and slippery surfaces at bay while you asanay. Simply slip your mat into the convenient sleeves at each end of the towel so the only shifts you’ll feel are within rather than beneath you, since we all know plain towels atop mats rarely stay aligned. A portion of all proceeds from NamaSTAY Yoga Towels benefit Coalition for the Homeless

YogaDorks get 20% off purchases at NamaSTAYtowel.com with code YOGADORK. Choose from two sizes that fit all standard size yoga mats and a variety of colors.

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