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NBA All-Star Kevin Garnett Centers Intense Energy With Yoga

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Kevin Garnett Yoga

When your vrittis are opponents on another team trying to steal your ball and score.

Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett is known for his passion and maybe even being “pathologically intense” on the court. And now, yoga. The almost 7 foot, 15-time NBA All-Star says he’s always been pretty flexible and certainly energetic, but yoga helped him harness it all and focus.

“I was pretty decent when it came to being flexible and then yoga took me over the top. I would have all this ebergy and I couldn’t control it. Being in games I would get dumb fouls because I was just out of control. I had a friend who suggested yoga to me…Not only did it help me stay flexible and durable, but it helped me center myself and understand the energy and use it properly.”

It may be somewhat odd for people to see the usually impassioned (read: hotheaded, ready to explode on the court in both good and bad ways) KG speaking serenely and fondly about the calming practice, and it’s clear the video and Kevin are sponsored by ZICO coconut water (hey, it’s better than Gatorade, right?), but we know that many basketball stars have found yoga to be superbly beneficial like the NBA’s oldest player Kurt Thomas, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, as well as myriad other athletes in various sports.

He’s a “downdog man,” but don’t be surprised to catch KG in a 7″ tall headstand one of these days. Anything is possible. He said it best himself.




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