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Adorable Yoga Skeletonians

in Neato, YogArt

skeletonian-UpwardFacingDog1Tiny skeletons come to life with yoga.

YogArt finds are always fun, especially when they’re so darn cute, and a bit creepy. These may be the cutest little metal yoga skeletons we’ve ever seen.

These hand-sculpted tiny bony yogis stand just 2″ high, but the Skeletonians, as they are officially called, are molded from pewter in a tall order to help us “find life and warmth on the other side,” according to the artist, Ohio-based sculptor and jeweler Behrle Hubbuch.

Check out the tree pose, updog, downdog, corpse pose (of course!), Swan Lake (or as we see it “assisted Ardha Chandrasana”) and The Thinker (“with child’s pose” – you see it right?) which are for sale on their website.





Assisted Ardha Chandrasana


Skeletonian - The Thinker



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  • Ahhhhh! These are adorable! I want them all!

  • Linda

    I wish my up dog were that good.

  • I want em! Skellys & yoga! 2 of my fave things!

  • forsakinghalfloves

    “darn cute, and a bit creepy” — irresistible combination

  • Karen

    *WANT* savasana!

  • These are fascinating. Thanks for shining the light on this talented artist!

  • Now that’s a use of skeletons that I have never seen, quite different from their usual morbid connotations.

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