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Yoga Nation: Which Famous Yoga Teacher and Celebriyogi Would You Most Want to See in the White House?

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Uncle Sam YogaWhat if Uncle Sam were a yogi? Or George Washington? Or Lincoln? Inspired by this HuffPo celebrity presidential vote, just for fun we put together a fantasy poll on this President’s Day to choose the YPOTUS and VP for our yoga nation. Vote below or add your write-in ballot in the comments!

World-Famous Yoga Teachers for President

Rodney Yee + Colleen Saidman – Two for the price of one. Every voting American gets a complimentary compulsory yoga DVD. Platform: Gay marriage rights.

Judith Hanson Lasater – She co-founded Yoga Journal way back when and is all about every day yoga. Platform: Universal healthcare.

Tara Stiles – Unconventional and from the heartland. Slogan: Rebel Yogi for Red- and Blue-neck Nation. No place for Ohm.

Seane Corn – A dedicated yogactivisit, she will speak her truths with yours in mind. Platform: Foreign relations/detox flow.

Shiva Rea – Longtime musical yogi tying trippy soundtracks to a dancey yoga groove. Slogan: Trance Dance RejuveNation. Platform: Legalization of marijuana.

John Friend – Entrepreneurial and controversial yoga emperor. Mantra: An empire is an empire is an empire. Platform: National and personal debt.

Ana Forrest – Pushing beyond barriers of the mind and body for 40 years. Slogan: Be fierce. Vote Forrest.

*Bikram Choudhury wasn’t born in America so he’s not included for YPOTUS.

No fantasy yoga presidency is complete without your Celebriyogi Vice President:

Russell Brand – Boisterous bloke, who wasn’t born in the US but could talk and/or meditate his way into the capitol. Bonus: If Rusty has his way, yoga party at the White House!

Russell Simmons – He’s motivational, spiritual and entrepreneurial. He’s a business, man.

Adam Levine – He’ll hear your Voice and rule the nation in yoga pants.

Lady Gaga – She’s already queen to millions of monsters (and she does it in her underwear). What’s a few million more yogis?

Madonna – The grand dame of YogaPop. Also, she played Evita once, so she has presidential experience.

Martha Stewart – Biz-minded Iyengar fan and she’s seen prison from the inside. Vote for her and she’ll weave you pretty little wicker basket for your props.

Amy Poehler – Upstanding comedic actress and yoga role model who got her start with the Upright Citizens Brigade. Leslie Knope approved.

Woody Harrelson – No commentary necessary, he speaks for himself.



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  • Honomann

    None of the above.

  • jar of pubes

    John Fraud doesn’t need elections, he already controls the world. Although being supreme emporer would make pubes more available.

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