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TWIY: 23 Yoga Love Poems, Yoga Effective for Heart Patients, Betsey Johnson’s Yoga Runway at NYFW

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Be My Yoga Valentine

Yoga, yoga the  healthy pursuit, do it in your business, sweat or birthday suit. All the rhyming this week had us thinking rhythmically and singing tunes of love, plucking sweetly at our heartstrings. Man, we had wayyy too much chocolate. But it inspired us to create a playlist to soundtrack this edition of TWIY.

Are yoga blog newsletter playlists the next MTV??

Listen here and sing along…

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Yoga Valentine

Roses are red my love, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet my love, but not as sweet as yoga…er, we mean YOU! 23 Yoga Love Poems

Yoga for a Broken Heart

How can you mend a broken heart? Yoga for a Broken Heart, A Guide

Open heart

We could all try a little metta tenderness. From Tight to Tender: Opening the Heart in Loving-kindness

Our hearts will go on…and on and on, thanks to yoga. Yoga Effective Therapy for Heart Patients Finds First Ever Study Published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Get well soon, muppet baby. Update Gaga is getting surgery for a labral tear in her right hip. Celebriyogi Lady Gaga Cancels Shows Due to Synovitis, We Invite Her to Yin a Little (Related: some commenters completely miss the point.)

Betsey Johnson's "BJ Kicks A" Fall 2013 collection

Let’s get physical, physical! On the runway with yoga during NYFW? Betsey Johnson Breaks Out Runway Yoga Performance at NY Fashion Week – Photos

Your Brain on Thoughts

Gotta be loose, gotta be loose in your mind. Yoga and Cognitive Restructuring to Improve Mood, Reduce Stress

Underwater Yoga

Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for me…is a water yogi. 70-Year-Old Indian Man Wins ‘Underwater Yoga’ World Record

Krishna Das performs at the 2013 Grammys

For your love. Krishna Das ‘Blissed Out’ Grammy Performance



TWIY: Adam Levine Hearts Yoga, Krishna Das at the Grammys, Yoga for Amputee Vets

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