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23 Yoga Love Poems

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Be My Yoga Valentine

Happy love day! Whether your valentine is your sweetie partner or your sweaty yoga mat we send you virtual hearts and hugs and chocolates by way of the yoga love poem. As part of our yoga lover’s giveaway we asked everyone to make up their own poem based on the good old fashioned lines “roses are red, violets are blue.” The result was over 100 awesome, funny, endearing and clever expressions that were so entertaining to read we had to share 23 of our favorites in a dedicated post.

As for the giveaway, we invite you to read all the poetic entries. You can still enter and share your own wonderful poetry.

23 Yoga Love Poems

Sweet yoga valentine…

Root chakra is red, throat chakra is blue,
Heart chakra is green, and I’ll share mine with you.
– Laura J

Poems are asanas when breathed come true,
my heart chakras fed with chants of You.
– Maggie

rubies are red
sapphires are blue
don’t need to give me jewelry
to “nama-stay” with you! ♥
– Shannon

Lotus flower is red
Lotus flower is blue
the light in me
loves the light in you
– Margot

My Sun Salutation burns red,
On my mat I’m not blue,
Yoga spreads the love to us all,
Namaste to you, too!
– Beth

My bolster is high and my props are on the ready
yoga for me is about slow and steady :)
Come share the bliss and float away
To all fellow yogis –
Happy Valentine’s Day!
– Margarita

Self love and care…

You can’t love another
without first loving self.
Thank goodness I found yoga
to take my heart off the shelf! :)
– amanda

Poses are read,
From my yoga book and blew,
But I try again,
Until it’s not new.
– Tammy

First I shall sit, then learn to be,
connecting mind, body, and breath,
I find samadhi.
– Reina

My breath is like fire, my heart is true blue
I am most authentic on my mat
Where I shine most true
– Jen

Stepping on the mat to this new day
I kneel to the ground with hands to pray
Setting an intention as I inhale
Opening my heart to every exhale
Gaining peace, love, and infinite possibility
I regain my life to perfect tranquility
– Nicole F

birds of paradise are red, lotuses are white,
hip-openers on v-day
make my strut a delight
– Sophia

A Yogi’s Valentine:
V is for invigorating vinyasas, while
A is for relaxing adho mukha svanasana.
L is for loving my body for it’s
Equilibrium and balance.
N is for no judgments, while
T is about finding time
In the morning, afternoon, and evening.
– Jita

My yoga mat is red, I’m feeling blue
I’ve been missing Yoga
Because of the flu
– Sharon

feel better Sharon!

For the romantics…

Breath of fire makes red, pigeon makes blue.
Yoga introduced me to me,
and thats how i met you!
– Becca

My mat is red,
My boyfriend’s is blue.
Tomorrow is couples’ yoga class,
for me and my boo.
– Errica

Beet juice is sweet, and yoga is sweaty,
For my Valentines Day yogi I will make whole wheat spaghetti.
– Janet R

I’m heading to bed; are you coming too
Wrapped in your arms..all is well..I love you..<3

Yoga bods strong and healthy with sinew
Yoga minds clear with restless thoughts few
– Bhavani

The flirty…

An ode to the cutie who sits in the back corner:
My mat is hot pink, your eyes are bright blue
I caught you looking last week,
I hope you enjoyed the view.
– Linda

A mat of red
a towel of blue
I’d love to get sweaty
at yoga with you
– Drew

And a little naughty…

Yoga Valentine

I’m seeing red, ’cause his thoughts are blue
I want to do yoga and he wants to screw!
– Ellen

And of course…

root chakra red, yoga mat blue,
some poems rhyme,
but this one doesn’t.
– Moi

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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    Thanks for including me in the post! It really made my day.

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