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YogaDork Lovers Giveaway: VerniceVita Yoga Mat, NamaSTAY Towel + V-Keen Yoga Pants

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Be My YogaDorkHello lovers. We may still be in the frosty grips of a wintery February, but there’s something about a holiday focused on melty chocolate and ooey gooey sentiments that tends to warm the heart. Either that or we should turn down this electric blanket we got for Christmas from its “oven roaster” setting. In any case, the love is there! We love you, we love yoga and we love doing giveaways.

V-Day Giveaway

WIN:  We’re doubly pleased to be giving away a match made in yoga class heaven for many of us: a VerniceVita yoga mat and a NamaSTAY mat towel.

VerniceVita yoga mats are:

  • PVC free
  • 25% natural rubber in each mat
  • Recycled packaging
  • Ethically manufactured

They feature a layer of memory foam so your paws can press and your joints stay comfy because you love your body not bruising it up.  Founder Rachael Ennis came up with the idea herself when she was looking for a mat that was firm but had enough cushion. So “Vernice Vita” (meaning “Paint Life” in Italian) was born. Read more about VerniceVita mats here.

And to literally “hug” your mat the NamaSTAY towels are designed to be slip-less in sweaty situations. They actually have sleeves that wrap around the corners of your yoga mat to keep it snug in place.

NamaSTAY yoga towels are:

  • made with soft, absorbent, slip-proof, light weight, recyclable 80% Polyester / 20% Nylon microfiber towel fabric.
  • equipped with sleeves so they stay in place and protect your mat.
  • machine washable.

Read more about NamaSTAY towels here.

V-Keen Yoga Pants

As if that weren’t enough, yoga valentines, we’re also giving away a very vibrant pair of V-Keen yoga crop pants! You’ve probably seen these fun prints and bold colors walking around your local yoga studio. Each piece in the V-Keen is uniquely hand made and produced with natural fibers entirely in NYC, USA with the highest labor and quality standards, founder and designer Victoria Keen is proud to disclose. The winner will have their choice of the crop pants. Check out the V-Keen collection here.

TO ENTER:  Valentine’s Day, love it or loathe it, we can probably all agree it is a total and utter cheese fest. Weeeee. All that mushiness and over-commercialized hype can be too much, so let’s rewind back to the simplest form of heartfelt expression in poetic verse. Did you know the famous “roses are red, violets are blue” dates all the back to 1590? From the Sir Edmund Spenser epic The Faerie QueeneWe simply ask you to take the traditional idea and make it your own.

Here, we’ll start it off:

Root chakras are red, smurf yogis are blue
we’d love a yoga valentine
how ’bout you?

(hint. wink.)

Add your spin in the comments section to enter!

Details: The mat and the towel will be given away to one lucky winner. An additional winner will be chosen to win the V-Keen yoga pants. The giveaway is open until 11:59pm Thursday, February 14th. All winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck lovers!

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UPDATE: Wow, yogi poets unite! This may have been the most creative and entertaining to read giveaway, yet. Your poems were so great we put 23 of  them in a dedicated love post to our yoga valentines. Congratulations to Linda for winning the VerniceVita mat and NamaSTAY towel and to Tracy for winning the V-Keen yoga pants! We thank and love you all.



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  • Fel

    Red is a color, blue is, too
    they don’t have much to do with valentine’s day
    but i love you.


  • chels

    Recycling is rad, Krishna is blue,
    Kambucha is sweet, and so is a new yoga mat!

  • Whitney

    My power color is red, my aura shines blue.
    My passion is yoga,
    And I hope yours is too!


  • Bill Harrison

    My Yoga pants are red, my sticky mat is blue.
    Namaste to you, and you and you and you.

  • Beth

    My mat is red
    and your mat is blue
    We began class as strangers
    but leave as friends, anew.


  • Yoga is happy, not so much blue
    I’m in my Happy Place
    How about you?!!!

  • Erin

    My face may be red, but when I’m feeling blue,
    hot yoga is cleansing
    and a great workout, too!

  • Ellen

    I’m seeing red, ’cause his thoughts are blue
    I want to do yoga and he wants to screw!

  • My face is so red, your eyes are so blue,
    What I really want to say is… I love you!

  • Maria Mac

    There once was a tall, sweet yogini
    who knew absolutely nothing of kundalini
    But when she walked in the door
    and put her mat on the floor
    her body became loose like linguini

    • Maria Mac

      After noticing that I didn’t stick to the rules with my first poem, I would like to
      use this poem instead:

      My lunch bag is red
      my son’s shirt is blue (even though he took it off because it was such a hot day)
      We’re two sun-kissed babes who love summer –
      and weekly Parliament Hill yoga sessions too!

    • k-stan

      Still, I know it’s an older post~ but dang, the “tall, sweet yogini” is STELLAR!

  • Anna

    My Svadhisthana pulses for you
    as my Anahata expands and opens,
    waiting for your love.
    Oh happy baby, it’s Valentine’s Day…
    Let’s get tantric!

  • I’m heading to bed; are you coming too
    Wrapped in your arms..all is well..I love you..<3

    Yoga bods strong and healthy with sinew
    Yoga minds clear with restless thoughts few

  • Erika

    My body is stressed, yours is too,
    Let’s go to our mats
    And arise anew

  • Mandee

    yoga before bed, and in the morning too
    to keep my center, to power through.

  • Robyn

    my yoga mat is violet, the sky above is blue,
    I love to practice outdoors to feel fresh and renewed

  • Breath of fire makes red, pigeon makes blue.
    Yoga introduced me to me,
    and thats how i met you!

  • reina

    First I shall sit, then learn to be,
    connecting mind, body, and breath,
    I find samadhi.

  • Penny M

    Poses on head, legs up too
    Child’s pose is sweet
    Savasana a new

  • Amanda Etter

    It’s Valentine’s Day, so it needs to be said
    If I didn’t have my yoga,
    my soul wouldn’t be fed.

  • poems are hard. savasana is easy.
    winning this contest would be the bee’s knees-y!

  • Lorri Linkhart

    My heart pumps the red, washes away the blue – the blue that tries to consume and hides… concealed – undetected – telling fibs
    Yoga is a lifestyle, TRY IT! You’ll be hooked too


  • Janet Ramirez

    Beet juice is sweet, and yoga is sweaty,
    For my Valentines Day yogi I will make whole wheat spaghetti.

  • Hot yoga make me red,
    No yoga makes me blue,
    Vinyasa keeps me moving
    So that is what I’ll do.

  • Muladhara is red,
    Anja and Visdduha are blue,
    From svadisthana to sahasrara,
    My anahata belongs to only you.

  • Karen Blake

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    sometimes when I am twisted or upside down
    I think of you?

  • Karin

    Base Chakras are red,
    Throat Chakras are blue,
    I love YogaDork,
    I really do!

  • pal

    thoughts still, mind bright; delight delight delight
    four hands, one heart; to breathe to burn to light

  • Drew

    A mat of red
    a towel of blue
    I’d love to get sweaty
    at yoga with you

  • Kristin

    My blood pumping is red, (though it’s actually blue)
    My spine lengthened so much this class,
    I feel like I grew!

  • Tammy Walker

    Poses are read,
    From my yoga book and blew,
    But I try again,
    Until it’s not new.

  • Becky

    My face is red, toes black and blue.
    Might rethink this yoga stuff.
    Nah, how ’bout you?

  • Karen

    Muladhara’s red, and I am not blue
    ‘Cos my spouse of 2 decades now does yoga too!

  • bikram yogis are red, anusaris are blue
    kumare teaches us the true guru is you!

  • ml

    My lips are red, my mat is blue
    Yoga is my sanctuary,
    And so are you.

  • Hil

    Bikram is red hot
    The fifth chakra is blue
    Yoga is awesome
    and so are you!

  • VS

    asanas are red, bad bad thoughts are blue
    i thank yoga for happiness
    i thank faith for fining you
    …and a new yoga mat too?

  • A new mat in red, a towel in blue,
    giveaways are sweet,
    Namaste to you!


    My mat is blue,
    My pants are red.
    I still have no luck,
    Standing on my head. 😉

  • Liz

    My yoga mat was red, my yoga blocks were blue,
    I used to have a strap; but my cat scratched it up too.

  • Robin

    Chair pose brings dread, pigeon brings “ooh!”
    Return to my breath
    Sh! Savasana!

  • Sharon Seewalt

    My yoga mat is red, I’m feeling blue
    I’ve been missing Yoga
    Because of the flu

  • Linda

    An ode to the cutie who sits in the back corner:

    My mat is hot pink, your eyes are bright blue
    I caught you looking last week,
    I hope you enjoyed the view.

  • Moi

    root chakra red, yoga mat blue,
    some poems rhyme,
    but this one doesn’t.

  • Tracy

    My yogi nose is red, my yogi toes are blue
    I love my heated vinyasa yoga, I cannot wait until Winter is through

  • Vanessa

    My heart opens up in my vinyasa flow,
    I spread light and love to all,
    namaste, yo!


  • Jean

    My face is red from hot yoga,
    But my eyes are still so blue,
    I hope you have a great valentine
    And all your loved ones too!

  • My cheeks are red, My fingers are blue
    Why yoga in winter?
    Because this love is true!

  • Deanna

    Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga too
    I love all types of yoga to refresh and renew!

  • My yoga mat is red, My yoga pants are blue
    But none of that matters, valentine
    As long as I get to practice with you!

  • Jen

    My breath is like fire, my heart is true blue
    I am most authentic on my mat
    Where I shine most true

  • Jita

    A Yogi’s Valentine

    V is for invigorating vinyasas, while
    A is for relaxing adho mukha svanasana.
    L is for loving my body for it’s
    Equilibrium and balance.
    N is for no judgments, while
    T is about finding time
    In the morning, afternoon, and evening.

  • Laura Johnson

    Root chakra is red, throat chakra is blue,
    Heart chakra is green, and I’ll share mine with you.

  • Jennifer DeJarlais

    Without yoga in my life
    What would I do?

  • maggie

    Poems are asanas when breathed come true,
    my heart chakras fed with chants of You.

  • My face is red,
    My toes are blue,
    My shirt rides up,
    Why? I have no clue.

    Sweat pours down,
    Puddles hit my mat,
    Grunting and groaning,
    By the time I sat.

    Hot Yoga, my love,
    You make my heart beat.
    I’ve lost fifty pounds,
    You make my life sweet.

  • Madeline

    My passion is red, my mat is blue
    my love is Divine, and Divine are you.

  • Alex

    My heart is red, pumping blood that’s blue,
    and radiating lovingkindness for all that’s good and true.

  • Lisa

    Faces are red and hearts sometimes blue.
    But the world is my valentine. How about you?

  • Martha

    I’m standing on my head over you.
    Will you do a shoulderstand for me?

  • Alyssia

    Flowers are boring, candy is too.
    Yoga’s where I’ll be, with a new mat to boot! 😉

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Danielle

    My hair is so red
    My eyes are so blue
    My heart’s full of love
    I’ll give to me and you

  • Karen Childs

    Powerful poses are Red
    Yoga Dorks are True Blue
    Levine is Devine
    Won’t You Be Mine?

  • Trina

    Yoga unites,
    The body and mind,
    Without yoga,
    I wouldn’t be kind.

  • Ramini

    Pingala is red.
    Ida is blue.
    In our search for balance,
    we tend to jump back and forth between the two.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Rochelle

    Vinyasa is red
    Restorative blue
    I love them equally
    How about you?

  • rubies are red
    sapphires are blue
    don’t need to give me jewelry
    to “nama-stay” with you! ♥

  • Amanda

    You can’t love another
    without first loving self.
    Thank goodness I found yoga
    to take my heart off the shelf! 🙂

  • Margot

    Lotus flower is red
    Lotus flower is blue
    the light in me
    loves the light in you

  • Alex

    Work days are stressful,
    Some evenings too!
    But yoga is always there for you!

  • NCDan

    Apples are red,
    Clear skies are blue,
    I love to do yoga,
    How about you?

  • Jether Dodd

    VerniceVita mats are full of memory foam
    Comfortable and pleasant so your mind doesn’t roam
    Balance and introspection and focus abound
    When your mat stays in place and makes no sound

    NamaSTAY mat towels are purposeful and true
    A dry mat will make practice better for you
    Look inwards and recognize the peace thats in place
    Then open your eyes with a smile on your face

    For all natural yogi clothes that are up to the task
    V-Keen will help you glow and in comfort bask
    Patterns of blue and red may appear
    Throwing these on will help your yoga this year!

  • Stacey

    The pitta in me
    Yearns for the kapha in you
    You cool my fire
    But light my desire
    Together we are both higher

  • Janine

    Our blood is red,
    Our blood is blue,
    Look in our hearts,
    See love of every hue.

  • Shana S

    I’m not always organic-fed, my pants aren’t Lulu,
    but from my heart center, I wish
    a Valentine Namaste to you!

  • Nicole Ferris

    Stepping on the mat to this new day
    I kneel to the ground with hands to pray
    Setting an intention as I inhale
    Opening my heart to every exhale
    Gaining peace, love, and infinite possibility
    I regain my life to perfect tranquility

  • Wendolyn White

    Yoga is my life,
    Yoga is true,
    come to my class
    and I’ll share it with you.

  • Sara

    At first I just thought Yoga was fine,
    But now that ive practiced enough Yoga will you be mine?

  • My bolster is high and my props are on the ready
    yoga for me is about slow and steady 🙂
    Come share the bliss and float away
    To all fellow yogis –
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Let’s stretch together
    Your mat next to mine
    With yoga in our lives
    We’re gonna be just fine ♡

  • Maggi

    Root chakra is red
    My partner’s eyes are blue
    Sharing our practice
    Strengthens my roots

  • angela

    crow pose turns your face red
    handstands make you blue
    you may not love yoga
    but this yogi loves you!
    (for trying) <3

  • Hot yogas my peace,
    Where I worry the least,
    My mind is quiet,
    I bask in savasana’s silence

    Challenging my body everyday,
    Learning to love others in a whole new way,
    Thankful for giving myself the chance,
    And honestly, who doesn’t love yoga pants?

  • My yoga mat is red,
    Krishna is blue.
    After practicing yoga
    Vday love seems more true.

  • Susannah

    my mat is black
    my dog is brown
    when we come together
    there is never a frown 🙂

  • Tamara

    Yoga is grace, yoga is true
    Our hearts open every time we practice
    and we love you more, too.

  • yogi hearts are red, yogi mats are blue, yogi toes are any color, yogi breath goes all the way through.

  • You light up my mula bandha
    When you chaturanga!

  • Tonia

    Daydreaming thoughts
    Of my love most true
    Dreaming of some
    Stretch time with you
    Sitting at work
    Wishing for sweat, so cleansing –
    How would I love
    Some hot organ rinsing!

  • My mat is red,
    My boyfriend’s is blue.
    Tomorrow is couples’ yoga class,
    for me and my boo.

  • chanting Aum in my head
    Hoping to imbue
    eternal enlightenment
    by loving you.

  • sophia

    birds of paradise are red, lotuses are white,
    hip-openers on v-day
    make my strut a delight

  • Jimmie white

    My jade mat is red
    My manukau is blue
    My prana mat is squishy and slippery too
    A color and practice for every day of the week.
    To remind me to open to the yoga I seek

  • Leslie

    Roses are red, violets are blue.
    If I ever get to scorpion-
    I’ll be ecstatic, it’s true!

  • Sara

    From baddha konasana
    To down dog through chatturanga
    Will you join me in sweet savasana?

  • Jennifer Nicole Applegate

    Om’s linger,
    Chanting soothes,
    Asana heals and Yoga ensues.

  • Root into the earth
    To rise heavenly
    Life is divine
    When we live sattvacly

  • Beth

    My Sun Salutation burns red,
    On my mat I’m not blue,
    Yoga spreads the love to us all,
    Namaste to you, too!

  • Rebecca

    My base chakra is red,
    My third eye is blue,
    Yoga’s my muse,
    How about you?

  • Karen

    I like yoga.
    And yoga stuff.

  • Nicole

    My mantra is compassion
    My peak pose is wheel
    While I’d do anything to flow,
    it is your heart that I wish to steal.

  • Adi

    My toenails are red, your wall is soft blue.
    I lift into handstand and leave a little polish smudge for you.

  • It’s Valentines Day – over chocolate we drool
    When I was knocked up I did yoga moves in the pool.

  • Sarah

    It’s Valentine’s Day and the sun is shining!

    I’ve connected with all of my loved ones and friends to spread and share the love around and had smiles returned in the moments we live in the present.

    Breathe in
    Breathe out


    “I live my life in a way that when i get really old, I get to look back at my life and say: aaah I lived it, not survived it.”

  • Sae

    Hearts are red, BlueJays are blue
    Life is devine
    And love is all around you.

  • Nico

    Roses are red, heart chakra is green
    I’m grateful for backbends, if you know what I mean.

  • Meagan

    roses are red. violets are blue. chaturanga. this aint a haiku.

  • Stephanie Crowley

    Roses are impermanent, violets are too.
    Yoga touches eternity and love inside of you.

  • Kristen

    Yogis can bend, yogis can flex,
    Life without yogis is a pain in the neck!

    Daily in warrior, in half-moon, in dancer,
    And without my savasana, I’m a pain in the asana!

    Cheers to hoping to win! Thanks for the fabulous creative comment!

  • Candice

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. I hate rhyming. Uttanasana tells me I need a pedicure.

  • Kali is red
    Shiva is Blue
    Hanuman opens his heart
    Ganesh removes obstacles for you!

  • Roses are pink, yogis are too, I need new pants, because my bird took a poo. 🙂

  • Frieda

    Ooey and Gooey
    and over the top
    When you step on your mat
    you know you will rock

  • Jenifer Wright

    My face is quite red
    After Vinyasa Flow
    Once my oxygen returns,
    I have such a glow
    My animal instincts
    Come out in full force
    Crow, eagle, is there a horse??
    Share in my practice
    Together we’ll be
    Yogi’s from heaven
    Om shanti shanti

  • lucy

    Yogis are old folks, yogis are tweens
    Everyone can be yogi
    Just try it and see!

  • Ellie Bell

    Yoga toes are red, foam blocks are blue,
    Asanas I love like crazy,
    Down at the monkey zoo,

  • colleen

    Love it~

  • Rita Mary

    Love is red
    Calm is blue,
    yoga is sacred,
    and so are you.

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