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No, Justin Bieber, You Can Not Hit On Adam Levine’s Cousin in Yoga Class

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Justin Bieber in Shrugasana, and/or his best Fonzie impression. Aaaayyy!

Pardon the series of celebriyogi news this week, but we couldn’t resist sharing the image of the Biebs in yoga class with Adam Levine, even if it’s a steaming hot spoonful of Hollywood gossip. First thought: aw, Bieber’s going to yoga! But, excuse us, it’s Justin Bieber hitting on the cousin of Adam Levine in yoga class. That little Canadian mini-man minx.

So according to the rumor mill out of famouspeopleland, your yoga boyfriend and yoga pants lover Adam Levine brought his attractive female cousin to yoga class last week, because that’s what awesome yoga boyfriends and cousins do. But Justin couldn’t keep his drishti off the gal.

A witness reports:

“Adam brought his pretty female cousin into the same yoga class that Justin was in, and Justin immediately pulled Adam aside and asked who she was,” an eyewitness tells the mag. “Adam laughed at how forward he was and said, ‘It’s my cousin — you stay away.’”

Better belieb it, Justin is a notorious heartbreaker, so Adam was just trying to protect his family in between side crows and stuff. But the stink third eye in Warrior III wasn’t enough.

“Justin couldn’t stop staring at her, and then he ran over and asked for her number,” continues the eye witness. “Adam was annoyed and told Justin to back off and be more respectful. Clearly, Justin’s used to to doing what he wants, but Adam put him in his place.”

Paparazzi pics or it didn’t happen.

So he’s a randy teenager who sees a pretty girl in yoga class and wants to go steady, or whatever the kids call it these days. “Carry her yoga mat?” (Hey, Frannie, did you hear? The Bieb-ah is carrying that young pretty girl’s yoga mat now. I know, they make such an ah-dawwhr-able couple, don’t they?) Totes normal. But isn’t he going out with Selena Gomez??? In any case, we’re glad Biebster is hitting the mat and not just on girls. Besides, any sentence containing “teenage boy” and “yoga class” can’t be all bad, right?

And Adam, it’s that old cad John Mayer you’ve really got to worry about. “Yoga body is a wonderland”? Oh yeah. Watch out.




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