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Wanderlust Festival Announces Lineups, Lululemon Love, Stopgaps

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Wanderlust announced their summer festival headliners today, their new besties Lululemon just tweeted. The usual suspects will be teaching and/or performing: Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Schuyler Grant, Elena Brower with some interesting additions like Gurmukh, Rod Stryker and Dharma Mittra (this guy gets around!) and a slew of varied up-and-coming teachers well on their way to the big stage. Musical accompaniment will be provided by Moby, the newly re-emergent mascot of yoga DJs (DJ and acoustic sets – look out!), Gramatik, Femi Kuti and a bunch of other bands and artists you probably never heard of but won’t care because yoga parties are awesome and you just love to dance, man! We see you baby, shakin’ that A…

Glaringly absent? John Friend – (mostly) no surprise there. Michael Franti – he’ll make an appearance this month in Hawaii, but that’s that. Melty-heartbreaking. Krishna Das – what?? Harmoniums all over the country just fell silent in disbelief. Blasphemy.

So the lineup isn’t ah-MAZ-ing*, but it’s a yoga festival and who really cares as long as you get to trance dance, smoke your “intention joints,” hoop until you’re dizzy and paste glittery feathers on yourself?

To make up for the holes, a Lululemon+Wanderlust yo-mance and crazy motherf*@cking dome:

With the shared goal of creating dynamic community around yoga, we are joining forces with lululemon to elevate the festival experience. Together, we are bringing gifted teachers, inspirational speakers and best-in-the-world products to each Wanderlust festival this summer. At each U.S. festival, lululemon and Wanderlust will co-create a visually striking space called the d’Om, a geodesic dome that will become a gathering place for elevation, inspiration, gathering, and fun.

Who needs the merry yogsters of Anusara Village when you have the ambassadors of elevation? Start crafting your tin foil hats now! This gonna be cray.

*pre-kula-aid-induced statement.



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  • *sigh* What has Wanderlust got against kirtan anyway?

  • Leeanne Porta

    Wait!? Why isn’t it Lucy again? Not a Lululemon fan at all….

  • Lalalala

    I have never been to Wanderlust even though it takes place not too far from where I live. It seems like a yogafied Dead show. I’m a way off in my impression?

  • Lalalala

    Don’t listen to me since I can’t even form a comprehensible sentence right now.

  • LunaLove

    i would *love* to check this out … !

  • D’oh(m)! You suffer (yoga) fools gladly and remind me of G. K. Chesterton’s interpretation of St. Paul’s admonition to the Corinthians (2 Cor., 11:19) to do precisely that:

    There is an apostolic injunction to suffer fools gladly. We always lay the stress on the word “suffer,” and interpret the passage as one urging resignation. It might be better, perhaps, to lay the stress upon the word “gladly,” and make our familiarity with fools a delight, and almost a dissipation. Nor is it necessary that our pleasure in fools (or at least in great and godlike fools) should be merely satiric or cruel. The great fool is he in whom we cannot tell which is the conscious and which the unconscious humour; we laugh with him and laugh at him at the same time. An obvious instance is that of ordinary and happy marriage. A man and a woman cannot live together without having against each other a kind of everlasting joke. Each has discovered that the other is a fool, but a great fool. This largeness, this grossness and gorgeousness of folly is the thing which we all find about those with whom we are in intimate contact; and it is the one enduring basis of affection, and even of respect.

    Have a delightful day!

  • The Corpse


  • Honomann

    You know the end is near when yoga becomes like a Coachella festival sponsored by Lululemon.

  • Screw Wanderlust.
    I’d rather go to South by Southwest or Bonnaroo who do have better musical acts, better food, better drinks (and yoga tents on the side).

  • You know what’s funny? Yoga was originally a means to overcome mindless sense gratification.
    Now it’s just mindful sense gratification.
    Same binds. New, soft and scented fabric!

  • Honomann

    I’ve found my True North. It’s no where near the Wanderlust Festival.

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