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Super Bowl Blackout Yoga

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What do you do when the lights go out in the middle of a Super Bowl game? Why, yoga of course! While we were all treated to a surprise time out IN THE DARK  last night the players tried to stay in the game by stretching and yoga-ing on the field for the 30+ minute blackout (which we’ll be sure to add as a clause to our next year’s Super Bowl Yoga Game, and which, for the record, was not caused by Beyonce and her explosive performance thanks to her rockin’ yogi lead guitarist). Check out the photo highlights.

OK, so maybe it wasn’t all yoga, but there was some right stretching going on and we swear we saw some of those ballers doing a little alternate nostril breathing to stay calm.  Just saying there was definitely some deep breathing out there.

Super Bowl Blackout Yoga Sesh [Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

Janu Sirsasana? Don’t mind if I do, sir. [via]

 A little Cat/Cow to keep the spine loose, Vernon?  [AP Photo/Matt Slocum]

Maybe our fave! Ravens quarterback and Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco. [via @Nick_Schwartz]

Taking a knee, a low lunge, a forward fold. [photo Harry How/Getty Images]

After the lights came back on…

SF came out strong after a 30 minute yoga session and meditation, but the Ravens held out for the win. Congrats!  Here are some players celebrating with confetti savasana angels.

Not exactly yoga, but adorable.

If you missed it, here’s Beyonce’s half time performance featuring Destiny’s Child and the purple-haired lead guitarist Bibi McGill who is a pizzazzified yogster.

She finishes in Virasana, ps.



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  • I love it! Best yoga/superbowl post ever.

  • You’re stretching it a bit – Ha! I’m so funny! All in all, you could safely say that yoga was part of the Superbowl. 🙂

  • I would normally not comment on posts such as this, however, this is one of the reasons why Yoga is so confusing for the modern student. During a break in the action, the football players in the Super Bowl used their time wisely by stretching their muscles to stay limber and flexible in order to be prepared for the next play. Please do not compare this to Classical Yoga. Have more respect for the 5,000 year old ancient tradition of slowing down and balancing the mind.

  • Well said, Nicole.

  • Thank you David. Namaste. As a teacher of beginners as well as advanced students of Hatha yoga in our culture, I feel as if I am constantly trying to re-educate and “enlighten” students on the real benefits and goals of a sincere Yoga practice. Comments like these that equate American pop culture and Yoga, just create more confusion.

  • jello

    “enlighten” up nicole, tho your work as a teacher I’m sure is traditional and truthful (yd) is just having a bit of fun

  • That’s cool to see. I think we all just need to remember that there’s different types and ways of practising yoga. Classical yoga is fantastic for those who are looking to go more inward and more of a spiritual journey and sports yoga is fantastic for athletes. Doesn’t need to be an either or. Maybe many people won’t ‘get’ what the deeper aspects of what yoga is about but that’s ok, we’re all here doing different things.

  • Arlet Koseian

    I love it! they totally did yoga during the black out! http://extendyoga.com

  • This is awesome – well done!

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