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Rock Star Yogi Guitarist Bibi McGill to Play Super Bowl Halftime Show with Beyonce

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Bend it like Bibi-yonce.

Rock Star Yogi Bibi McGill will shred it on stage with Beyonce for the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show. Awesome! And that may mark the first time we’ve used the phrase rock star yogi in earnest without throwing up a little in our throat chakra. Rock. And. Roll.

So maybe football isn’t your thing and crazy expensive commercials don’t ignite your agni. You may be interested to learn that the lead guitarist performing with pop diva Beyonce for her maybe, maybe not lip-synched Super Bowl half time performance is none other than the uber peppy pop rock yogi kale chip crusader Bibi McGill.

“I choose to spend time with people who like to eat healthy, play with crystals and essential oils, do yoga and have ceremony and ritual,” Bibi told Willamette Week in a recent interview.

When she’s not playing with crystals, off being a legit rock star on stage with Bey and Pink or running her own organic food enterprise, Bibi teaches yoga in her native city of Portland. While she’s on the road, though, she is a beacon of unbridled enthusiasm and funky “galactivated” energy.

What’s “galactivated” mean?

Galactivated is just a word I came up with. It means I AM a multi-dimensional manifestor who takes responsibility for creating my life the way I want it with the focus of what is in the highest good of ALL. I am connected to the Creative Life Force energy within all things, having respect for all Living Beings. I came from the Stars. I have my feet on the ground. I live in my Heart. I’m not perfect. I AM LOVE.

So we all want to know, does this bundle of love and cosmic combustion do yoga with Beyonce? (because, seriously, that’s some insane ankle flexion B.)

I can’t say that Beyonce does yoga. Not yet! I have been known to lead us all in a few yogic stretches during our prayer circle before we all go on stage.

And she’s not shy to spread it around.

This year I’ve moved from being the musical director for the past 5 years to being the “point of contact” sharing health and wellness with anyone and everyone on our touring team who is interested. This includes yoga and lot’s of people are interested. As well, I’m introducing all open hearts to other alternative forms of healing like Doterra essential oils and gem and mineral crystals. We’re at a time where people are running towards the light!

Well go on and sing it, sister. See the light! Be the light! Bibi-yonce FTW.

[photo 1 & 2 via facebook]



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