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Russell Brand Opens Home for Yoga ‘Not for the Faint-Hearted’

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The Yoga Must Go On.

More Russell Brand news, because boy is he a hoot and doggone it, it’s been over two days of not hearing about the jokey yoga bloke. The walk-out protest he staged last week over the alleged mistreatment of his guru seemed to have attracted more than a handful of followers. To his house. Apparently, Russell hasn’t opened his own studio quite yet, but has instead opted to open his LA home to over 100 meditating yogis. Life is grand.

Rusty told The Sun:

”The yoga centre I had been going to sacked our instructor, so I have moved everyone into my house. I had 30 people doing it in my house.

”I had all the crew on my TV show doing yoga in the studio the other day too. There were 100 people doing it. It’s not your normal yoga. It’s like proper chanting, full-on stuff – not for the faint-hearted.

”It’s full of amazing women. That’s a fact. They are all filled with sexual energy. It has been brilliant.”

A right giver, he is. Word has it Demi Moore (who was part of the walkout) has also joined the yoga merriment, but don’t expect them to be making hookup headlines any time soon. Russell explains,

“Demi Moore, as far as anything more physical goes — she’s just at yoga. I really like her, she’s really lovely. I just see her at yoga.

“She’s an older lady, she’s incredibly beautiful but that’s that.

To which Demi replied, it’s just a number biotch. Look at my handstand scorpion!

It seems yoga has opened up a new chapter for Russell, a former sex and drug addict turned devout yogi who, with classes coming to him, will no longer have to sneak into the studio for late night meditation sessions. Yoga, it’s a groovy kind of love.

”I like the yoga thing, it’s the dawning of a wonderful new era. It’s proving to be an interesting new phase for me – yoga, transcendental consciousness, meditation, good-looking people. It’s the dawning of a new Sixties.”

Oh boy. Someone please scrape the Mike Meyers-esque ‘Guru’ scenarios out of our heads right now. Russell was rumored to be opening an LA studio at some point. Maybe the Brand mansion will do just fine.



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