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Yoga Teacher’s Life Threatened by Self-proclaimed Satanist

in YD News

Uh, well this is not the kind of news you want hear, pretty much ever. A Boston yoga teacher feared for her life after a man she met at a tequila bar harassed her and threatened to kill her, the Boston Globe reports. Christopher Cori, a 20-year-old from Brooklyn, pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal threats and harassment in Brighton Municipal Court where his bail was set at $100,000 cash.

According to the police report, the victim, a 25-year-old yoga and fitness instructor met with Cori at MIJA Cantina and Tequila Bar on Jan. 19 and chatted like any normal 20-somethings might do at a bar (btw, great job on stopping the under-ager, bouncers). Her business card was exchanged for his “bronze colored pocket watch, ” the report reads, which is where the kids out on date night story gets strange. Cori started acting weird and doing things like playing with a knife, the woman said in the report.

And then the texts started. And the freaky voicemails. And the threats to kill her.

“Enjoy your dreams sweetheart. Chances are you will never wake up. How would you like to find out what it’s like to be burned alive. You are nailing shut your own coffin darling,’’ Cori texted to the woman, according to the report.

He also allegedly told her that, “I will see you Friday. I dare you to find me. See you soon kiddo. Watch your reflection for those following you. Joine me or face the true death. I know where you live. I will burn your house down and kill you witthout blinking an eye.’’

Which also sounds a lot like a prompt to call the police. From here it actually gets way creepier and hellish. Because we live in an age of letting it all hang out on the internets, quick research by the police uncovered incredibly disturbing references on Cori’s facebook page pertaining to “Satan drinking human blood, deflowering virgins.’’ Needless to say the man has been warned by the police to stay away from the woman. Luckily no one has been hurt and he’s actually not from Boston, but living in Brooklyn.

While there’s no evidence yet to say this guy is targeting yoga teachers specifically, let this be a cautionary reminder to stay vigilant and on your toes, yogsters. We may be more likely to give people the benefit of the doubt, but don’t ever hesitate to alert the authorities when you feel threatened or fear for your life at the bar or anywhere else. Which reminds us, Brooklyn, you know what’s up.



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  • K3

    Yikes, I hope that this guy’s reputation precedes him such that he never successfully does harm. Brooklyn is a big place…

  • That’s just a strange situation to get yourself in all together. Goes to show, doesn’t matter how long you have been involved in a spiritual practice or journey, nothing replaces life experience.

  • TK

    This has nothing at all to do with “Yoga Teachers”. Why was she in a place like this? A tequila bar? Where she met an unsavory fellow? Where she gave her number out? A true lack of wisdom on the part of this “Yoga Teacher”.

  • Tm

    Wow. Way to keep “victim blaming” alive there TK!
    She’s a yogi so can’t go to a bar? That’s a very limited, judgemental belief.
    She has a right to be there and interact with people. Just met a man, opposite from her light.
    I hope the light overpowers his darkness.

    • TK

      What is a ‘Yoga Teacher’ doing in a tequila bar? I never said that she couldn’t go into one, I merely asked the question. BTW She isnt a victim of anything. Holy Canoli. You walk into a Boston tequilla bar and are flabbergasted by the presence of creepy people? Of course a tequila bar doesn’t discriminate but adults who randomly hand out their contact info in a tequila bar sheould really not be suprised when the people who you handed it to try to contact you. Do you think this creepy dude was there to get enlightened? The dude was warned. Period!

  • michelle

    As I got to the end of the article I thought this has nothing to do with yoga teachers. She happened to be a yoga teacher. She was not targeted because she is a yoga teacher.

    • TK

      No, she was targeted because she went to a Boston tequila bar, opened a conversation with a young man, thought things were going well enough to hand her contact information, and was startled when the dude turned out to be like a dude in a Boston tequila bar who sidled up to a cutie with a yoga business card, wanted more than she was comfortable with, but pursued her anyway. She is not to blame for his actions. But what we don’t know is what she said to him. Clearly it was enough to keep his attentions, dysfunctional though they may be.

  • JLM

    I too am a bit confused in how this had anything to do with her being a yoga teacher. Perhaps we dont have the entire story of his threats but it seems like it was random stalking attack by a crazy man. That poor woman though, we all want to think the best of someone we meet out and its horrible when they turn out to be crazy, unbalanced or just plain mean. And for those blaming HER for going to a bar and meeting a man? REALLY? Its not her fault he’s crazy. Ahimsa.

  • Lalalala

    Why would anyone ever go to a tequila bar in Boston? That’s what I want to know. Boston is not known for its Mexican cuisine and spirits.

  • Seane Tomato

    Sounds like the start of a corny joke. “A yoga teacher goes into a tequila bar…”. The punchline of him being a satanist is also on par of fodder of bad jokedom.

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