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Help Bring Kids Yoga to Washington, DC

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The First Lady Michelle Obama may be getting a little extra yoga help if Leah Kalish gets her way. Leah is founder of Move with Me Yoga, a kids yoga and fitness curriculum developer, and she is now 1 of 10 semi-finalists in the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) End Childhood Obesity Innovation Challenge. If she’s one of three finalists with the most votes she’ll get to pitch her idea live at the Building a Healthier Future Summit hosted by PHA with the mission to “improve the health of our nation’s youth” in Washington DC in March.

If you want to help her get there, read about her idea (watch the video below) and VOTE HERE.

For extra incentive, the kids yoga community have banded together to offer an 80+ prize raffle giveaway. You can check that out here and enter to win one of the kids yoga goodies.

[Via YogaInMySchool.com]



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  • Karen

    Very cool idea, and the kids? Too cute!

    It’s tremendously shallow of me, I know, to have been so distracted by the fact that her brow was totally immobile that I had to watch twice just to get what was being said. I just hope I’m in a minority of one.

  • Thanks for sharing the news – we have only until Feb 1st at 12:00 noon to vote so please any action you an take to focus a light on #kidsyoga and it’s many benefits would be fabulous.

    Donna Freeman
    founder Yoga In My School, Kids Yoga Academy

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