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Russell Brand Stages Yoga Class Protest for His Guru (Amid Rumors of Opening a New Studio)

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Rusty the rabble rouser.

Last year’s celebriyogi mascot Russell Brand made headlines for his turn from sex and drug addiction to devout yogaship, taking on the Westboro Baptist Church with the help of Krishna and, among other fashionable things, for gifting his kundalini yoga teacher a car for Christmas. The ever bashful, attention shy Mr. Brand made news again this week for staging a protest walkout at Golden Bridge Yoga in LA in defense of his beloved guru Tej Kaur Khalsa, intended recipient of said OmMobile (who politely declined the gift, btw).

According to the story, as reported by Radar, Brand was standing up for Tej because she wanted to quit teaching at the studio and the Golden Bridge powers that be wouldn’t let her out of her contract. So Rusty did what any other incensed bloke with an unquenched thirst for justice in a yoga studio would do, he incited an in-class protest.

“Golden Bridge is not treating my friend in a respectful manner,” Russell charged. “After years of dutiful service, they refuse to let her out of her contract. If you’d like to continue to study with her, follow me!”

And with that about half of the class up and a marched out, including fellow celeb Demi Moore.

“It was bizarre,” the witness tells Radar. “We were just there to do yoga and get in tune with our spiritual sides and then suddenly it turned into a revolution!”

Was it necessary though? That Rusty, he’s always good for a show. Golden Bridge reps confirmed the walkout but denied refusing to let Tej go.

“Tej quit,” an employee told Radar. “She just upped and left. There wasn’t a contract problem though, she just quit. Yes, there was a walkout in class, I didn’t actually know that Russell Brand led it, but he was there and so was Demi Moore. Neither Demi nor Russell have been back since.”

Hm. Say, not to count our chakras before they’re aligned, but could this have anything to do with that Russell Brand opening an LA yoga studio rumor?



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