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‘Totally Enlightened’ – Tara Stiles Goes Yoga Spoof (video)

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It’s Tara Stiles’ contribution to the abundant and bottomless collection of yoga spoofs poking fun at the cult and culture of yoga. (Seriously, we might have to start an Oscar petition. Or the Razzies.) This time around the joke is on us. Or is it on those missing the point?

Starring Deepak’s guru, Tara Stiles, as Lotus and Heidi Kristoffer as Prana, playing two fickle and overzealous yogis who obsess, appear to become addicted to yoga, hit rock bottom in withdrawal and desperate for recovery join a yoga camp, who then come to find the guru to be a fraud and then do the next best thing…Zumba. Yep, just your typical day in the life. It’s a tad longer than it needs to be, and we’re prodded to “click here” for “real yoga” (Tara is also co-author of an Authentic Yoga iPhone app with Mr. Chopra and is known for her “rebel” approach to teaching, aka eschewing spirituality, chanting and using anatomical terminology) but there are some funny, awkward moments. Are you over it yet? Or are these still funny?



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  • Summer

    Profoundly OVER IT. I’m not even watching this; that’s how over it I am.

  • matt

    This is so over the top that it doesn’t really work as satire. Or maybe I’m just lucky enough not to know anyone remotely like this.

    • TK

      It’s not over the top if you look at it as an exercise in “Mean Girl Ridicule”. The irony here is that the lack of self awareness is withing the actors, not the characterizations they represent.

  • Gaugs


  • I’m over it. Enough!!

  • Vision_Quest2

    This is not yoga and not pilates, either

    Actually the berobed clown is totally strange, himself.

  • forsakinghalfloves

    I’m thinking camp. Or kistch (I think I’ll have to reread Susan Sontag’s “Notes on Camp” to make sure). I’m just not sure if the attempt to expose the inherent ridiculousness of the concept or image of what the “yogi” is today was a deliberate or conscious choice on their part.

  • Honomann

    This is the new normal. Celebrity yoga teachers who worked at watering down yoga for the mainstream making over the top videos to solidify the exact stereotype they created. Stay tuned for Seane Corn!

    • Vision_Quest2

      Yup. Poke fun at themselves in advance of the inevitable backlash-induced deluge …

  • Jonboy

    This is the worst acting and most unfunny attempt at trying to be something funny. I just shrunk my brain watching this piece of crap….
    If you really want to act, take an acting class Tara

  • not funny

    I just wanted to mention that Hindus might take offense at many aspects of this video, but in particular the “guru” wearing sacred mantras around his rear end, even in jest, is really not cool. Images of deities and Sanskrit mantras are never worn below the waist, stood on, sat on, or set on the floor. I don’t have any problem with people mocking yoga practitioners or teachers, but it’s good to be aware of and sensitive to the religious traditions and values of the culture that yoga came from, even if Tara and company don’t subscribe to those beliefs.

  • The Corpse

    Offensive, mocking, disrespectful. What little cred she had has gone.

  • Desperately Seeking Attention

    It’s all about seeking attention, isn’t it?

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