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TWIY: Smithsonian Does Yoga, VT Airport Yoga Room, Psychiatric Benefits, Who’s the Brit Rock Yogi?

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Hey now, what a week! It’s taken us a little while to defrost from this freezing northeastern arctic weather, but the ice is nearly almost gone from our crystalized eyelashcicles. Brain freeze! It’s still January right? Still time to sneak in those 2013 intentions. We know, are we still talking about that? Yep, and we’ll tell you why.

Some of you may be long time readers of YD, sticking with us from the humble beginnings and some of you may be new to the yogadork crew. We are so very grateful for you all! And we’d love to give each one of you a hug. Proximity, time and broken beaming machine not permitting, we will instead send you a virtual hug by making some necessary and aesthetic improvements to yogadork.com in the coming weeks. YD is getting a makeover! Nothing too fancy, but we’re really excited and intend to share the unveiling with you very soon. See what we did there? We have some other exciting news in the oven that we can’t wait to tell you about, but it’s not ready to be birthed quite yet. Soon! Stay tuned! Love! Have some soup!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

We know! Oh oh pick us we know! Do you? YogiQuotes: Which Brit Rock Lead Singer Does ‘An Hour’s Yoga a Day’ to Prevent Burnout?

V-E-R-M-O-N-T!  Vermont, Vermont, Vermont! Burlington, VT Next to Open Airport Yoga Room

With all the gu-rudeness lately (read: scandals galore) questions have come up about the teacher/student relationship and what the role of the yoga teacher is today in general. Read this recap of last week’s summit featuring a panel of 5 senior yoga teachers. The Yoga Teacher/Student Relationship: Five Senior Teachers Talk Shop

BB-wha? See what we mean. BBC Calls Yoga a ‘Fad,’ Promptly Offends Millions

The yoga fad gets the museum treatment and a look at thousands of years of fadness. Smithsonian Ready to Debut First Visual History of Yoga Exhibit

In the Great Yoga Scare, all we have to fear is…injuries and controversy? Dr. Timothy McCall Responds to Yoga Dangers Controversy, William J. Broad’s ‘Numerous mistakes and exaggerations’

Speaking of, let’s get our foundations set. All ankles on deck! Ankle Pain, Twists & Sprains – Try these Wheelies to Strengthen Your Foundation – VIDEO

Last but not in the least. Scientists test how well yoga can live up to the hype. (It’s good news!) Major Study Finds Yoga Has Positive Effects On Psychiatric Disorders

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