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TWIY: Inaugural Yoga Ball, Bikram on Nightline, John Friend’s New Style, Yoga Journal Boycott

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We’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat!

Hey there, happy weekend! It may be the cold, dark days of January but that sure hasn’t kept the yoga news from heating up. By the way, we’re past the exciting intention setting part, and have crossed over to the oh dear, this is for real, isn’t it? segment. Is everyone still on track? One of our intentions was to get our butts in gear and have these newsletters to you when you want them (still ironing out the details). Oh and to guess the correct answer to a yoga-inspired Wheel of Fortune bonus round. Check that one off!

We’re sorry if, like us, you listened to your cassette of Ace of Base incessantly in the 90s and you’re now singing the “Wheel of Fortune” song. We also apologize if you were in fact not singing the aforementioned song and now have it lodged in your brain. “What you gonna tell your dad…” We’re so sorry! Here, try this one instead.

Here’s What Happened This Week in Yoga:

There’s good and bad news. We’ll start with the not so good and get better from there.

Further thoughts on the Guru troubles file: Kausthub Desikachar ‘Sex Scandal’ Spurs New Questions on Teacher Student Relationships and Strength of Lasting Legacies

Yoga’s Bad Boy gets his primetime spotlight. Bikram on ABC Nightline: Like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with Yoga, Lawsuits, ‘Bitches’ and ‘Whores’

Back in action, John Friend unveils his new yoga style. John Friend Announces New Shri Daiva Yoga: Our Ticket to Divine Destiny

Unfortunately for him, he forgot to secure all of the related URLs and we are treated to this: Unofficial Possibly NSFW Website for John Friend’s New Yoga Style

Celebriyogi break!

Hollywood Mom Reese Witherspoon Shines Post-Yoga

Yogactivism is a growing trend in the community. What happens when union workers’ rights and the Yoga Journal Conference clash?

Hyatt Boycott Doesn’t Stop Yoga Journal SF Conference, Should Yogis Rally?

Birthdays break!

Happy birthday to Elvis and David Bowie! We celebrated with some vintage yoga c. 1967-ish.

David Bowie Yoga

Elvis Presley Rock ‘N’ Roll Yoga <–watch the video from 1967.

And a happy birthday this week to yogsters Betty White and Michelle Obama!

This week’s inspirations:

At 94, Yoga Teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch Gets Sponsorship, Named a 2013 Featured Athlete

YD Interview: Arthur Boorman, Disabled Vet Who Lost 140 Pounds and Gained His Life Back Through Yoga

We’ll wrap up with Pontifications and Funnies:

Dr. Loren Fishman, Baxter Bell and Dr. Timothy McCall respond to William J. Broad. In Response to Dangers of Doing Yoga and the Great Yoga Scare

Beautiful and necessary reminder from YogaDork Educator Jillian Pransky: Learning to Receive and Restore: The Benefits and Significance of Restorative Yoga

“We may be reaching a turning point.” The inimitable J. Brown weighs in on yoga today. Not Your Parents’ Yoga

Some crazy dude spouted off about shooting people over gun regulation. Mr. Colbert has some advice. Stephen Colbert Recommends Yoga to Hot Headed Gun Control Opposition

Hmm…any of this sound familiar? Gurunista Gayhle, America’s Next Top Celebrity Yoga Teacher (video)


This weekend: Inauguration Sunday, January 20th Who’s Going to the Inaugural Yoga Ball?

Next Sunday January 27th Yoga Freedom Project Event to Stop Sex Trafficking + Q&A with Co-Founder Heather Snyder

YD DEAL: 20% Off The Yoga Poster

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  • I just signed up for a meditation retreat with Jack Kornfield at Kripalu and, thus, just as the Hyatt scandal broke, received the first issue of my new complementary subscription to Yoga Journal. Gotta admit that, with the short, peppy articles and general lack of heft, it makes good bathroom reading.

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