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At 94, Yoga Teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch Gets Sponsorship, Named a 2013 Featured Athlete

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Ambassador: am·bas·sa·dor ; noun: an authorized messenger or representative.

Eat your heart of Lululemon, Athleta just announced their new list of sponsored athletes for 2013. Normally, we don’t give a flying crow about these sorts of things, but sprinkled in the group of swimmers, climbers and ‘fitness enthusiasts’ we found 94-year-old yoga heroine Tao Porchon-Lynch, who, we might add, has been having quite the banner year or two in her empowered nonagenarianity. (We made that word up, but she and Betty White own it.)

Merits of brand sponsorship discussion aside, when we’re surrounded by images mostly of taut-skinned, tight-butted spring chickens as the poster children of neo modern yoga, it’s somewhat  gratifying to see the grand dame strut her stuff as a featured athlete.

We’re pleased to share her accomplishments and credentials and her intentions for 2013.


  • Listed in 2012 in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest yoga teacher
  • Taught thousands of yoga students all over the United States and abroad for 46 years; taught and certified hundreds of yoga teachers
  • Appeared on numerous television shows, videos and documentaries demonstrating yoga
  • Designated as an E-500 teacher and given the highest rating by The Yoga Alliance
  • Member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Competitive ballroom dancer with over 500 first place awards
  • Founding member of the American Wine Society and a vice-president of its Southern New York chapter
  • Former model in Paris for many top designers, such as Jean Patou and Coco Chanel; starlet at MGM studios who appeared in films and TV shows
  • Film and TV scriptwriter; wrote and produced documentaries


  • In addition to teaching regular yoga classes in New York, travel to teach yoga in West Sussex, England, Iowa and Hawaii
  • In addition to entering dance competitions along the Eastern seaboard, travel to dance in India and Moscow
  • Lead an annual Wine Tour to Champagne and Burgundy in the spring

May we all be so sprightly and inspiring.



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  • Athleta is a great company.
    Good call.
    She’s beautiful, really lovely.

  • Honomann

    Much win for Athleta! You Lululemon ambassadors know where you can stick it.

  • Madelaine

    For those of you in the greater New York area, Tao is leading a 200 hr teacher training (which I am SOSOSO excited to be taking) this spring in Westchester with some amazing guest teachers and all of the guest teacher workshops are open to the public! Plus she is also leading a workshop at Integral Yoga in NYC on February 2nd. For all the details, visit her website: http://www.taoporchon-lynch.com

    Much Love!!!

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