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Last Night’s Yoga Inspired Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round

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Hi! Total Wheel of Fortune nerds here. Did you watch Friday night? When it came time for the bonus round we were like, “Yoga Mat! It’s Yoga Mat!” we squealed at the TV. Tell us what we’ve won, Pat! Alas, contestant Regis must not be down in his dog quite yet because he didn’t get it. Neither is Pat, but Vanna knows where it’s at.

Pat Sajak: You do that yoga thing don’t you? You’re pretty limber, right?

Vanna White: Yes, I do yoga. I’m not as limber as I should be.

Pat Sajak: I can cross my legs, but I might not get them uncrossed!

::awkward laughter:: 

Aaannd scene. Ah, cheesy game show host banter, you’re a national treasure.



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