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YogaDork Giveaway: ‘A Year of Living Your Yoga’ by Judith Hanson Lasater

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With resolutions and intentions abound, a new year can be full of unbridled potential! Sounds good, right? Sometimes it’s not so easy to keep up with all those great ideas at the dawn of the year. Thank goodness we have yoga to help us press the reset button on our intentions. And thank goodness for this helpful book of reminders for living our yoga all year long.

We are delighted to continue the YogaDork tradition this year teaming up with Rodmell Press to give away three copies of A Year of Living Your Yoga: Daily Practices to Shape Your Life by Judith Hanson Lasater.

ENTER: Hellooo 2013. It’s like we survived some sort of mythological apocalypse to get here! Since we’re all here to celebrate it and we have another 300 some days to live it, we invite you to come up with your own intention and speak it. Er, type it. In the comments. And then read it, say it out loud, heck, shout it from the tadasana tops! Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy, yogadorky new year.

Giveaway closes 11:59pm Saturday, January 12th. Three winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Jenny, Brittanya and Lisa!



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  • To be receptive, reaponsible and present every day of 2013.

  • Lisa Scannell

    To be a better person every day than the day before

  • To focus on doing more and having less! Minimalism at it’s finest.

  • Christy

    To live fully, honestly, and passionately!

  • Holly Tuyls

    To be a channel of love and light.

  • Jennifer Brewer

    To be sustainable.

  • Leeanne Porta

    My intention this year is to be more organized- both at home and in my classroom. I know my anxiety plays a part in this and my yoga helps me through it.

  • Barbara

    To choose the better thought, the better option, to stop critizing and expecting from others, just be open to new opportunities.

  • Aimee

    To be gentle.

  • Isabelle

    No judgments and be grateful for everything I have.

  • Nick Mattos

    To be real!

  • Kimberly

    To let go of judgment of self, and just love the me I am at this moment.

  • Heather

    My intention for this year is authenticity. 🙂

  • To make my dreams reality & to be more grateful

  • Jessica

    To make peace with myself & accept that the love I have is the love I deserve.

  • Susan Kefer

    LOVE. To see love, to be love, to feel love and to give love… Every moment, just LOVE.

  • To be present in every moment, to be decisive, and to go with the flow!

  • I pledge to bring only the highest-quality influences and self-responsible people into my life.

  • I will be less fearful, and approach everyone, even those with a frown or a scowl, with love. I will meditate more, and see how that impacts my empathy towards others. I WILL open up my hamstrings, and practice more yoga! I will stop thinking about the past, and worrying about the future, only the present for this yogini. To sum it all up, my New Years resolution is for peace!

  • Lesley kreis

    To “make” 2013 a great year, not just expect it to be one.

  • angela

    To be courageous to try something new!

  • Amy RePo

    Not necessarily original, but, necessary to live by…”Be Here, Be Safe, Be Honest”.

  • To live each day positively, with gratitude and grace with myself, and to passionately accomplish my dreams this year!

  • Cynthia

    Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. – Voltaire.

  • Jill Cochran

    To trust in the wisdom and mystery of the universe.

  • Jen

    To begin each day with a few minutes of gratitude, focusing on all of the blessings in my life, so that this is the feeling that I share with the world.

  • To live in the present moment knowing that the past is past and the future will come

  • BJ Carpenter

    I am love. I am surrounded by love. May every thought, word, deed come from a place of love. May I remain open to trust in the universe to provide everything I need. May I also trust in myself to let got and live my life to its highest purpose.

  • To be more at peace. Be more grateful for what I have!

  • Chelsea

    In 2013, I will be the best me I can be!

  • Claire

    To pay attention.

  • Susannah

    To stay positive, focused and to find joy each day!

  • To be focused on simplicity yet with refined quality. To find more space and peace through this focus, better organization and the open heart to give and receive all things good.

  • Jennifer

    To be more family-centered. Every day.

  • Anna

    To live my yoga off the mat as much as on the mat, if not more.

  • Robin

    To witness life with more compassion.

  • wendy

    To be present-I’ve let too much slide past.

  • celebrate all the little and big ways we are bringing love into evidence. If the facts of love become big enough right action will be inevitable. Tell me all the ways you are celebrating?

  • Alexis

    To embody divine play and live each day as an expression of joyful, devotional love 🙂

  • Wendy Lyons

    I want to let go of negativity and bring only positive energy into my life and the lives of those around me.

  • Lisa Zenna-Douglas

    2013 is going to be a year of oneness, of all beings seeing, sensing and embracing the truth of love.

  • Martha

    To be present, to be kinder, to be sober, to build a daily yoga/meditation practice, to be a good friend/mother/yogi.

  • Michelle

    My intention for 2013 is to be true to myself and create the life I desire.

  • Megan Gilbert

    A year of expansion, in all of my relationships – as a mother, partner, friend, teacher, daughter, sister.

  • Elaine Vullemier

    Love freely

  • Joanne

    To go after things I have always wanted do or things I will get to eventually or I will add that to my to do list. No more “To Do lists”. I will have a “DO it list”. Starting with ( sounds silly) but I want to type 50 words a minute accurately.

  • Bev

    I intend to show more kindness and love to others while loving and looking after myself.

  • My intention this year is to fully connect with my intuition and follow it. The universe has a lot to teach us when we are open and listen. I plan to continue to open into that and recognize it.

  • Emily G

    To achieve balance physically (yoga) and mentally (emotions).

  • teji

    To not live in fear any longer, to recognise that love connects us all, to see it, manifest it in every thought in every action, to let people touch my life deeply and to be able to reach out and touch others too. To trust that all the things that have happened to me since birth are my mission in this existence, to heal myself and hold a place of healing open for others. To make a mindful change in how I relate to others. To love.

  • Brian Borchers

    To maintain my balance and stay centered while my loved one and I deal with her serious illness.

  • sus

    Find The Way, yay…

  • Carl

    To continue to move forward in the most positive manner I’m capable of. Happy 2013, everyone!!

  • To listen more, love more, judge less and juice each day! xx

  • My intention for the new year is to follow my dharma and release attachments (particularly fear of failure and the unknown).

  • CBelle

    My intention is to practice yoga & a positive outlo0k daily.

  • Hui

    To find more patience for myself and others.

  • Jennifer

    Solidify my practice and start a practice with the kids in my house. My teenage daughter’s father is dying of lung cancer and current husband’s teenage son is coming to live with us from a juvenile boot camp. He was introduced to yoga and meditation there and really liked it. I could really use this book as a daily guide for us.

  • Brooke

    My intention for 2013 is to be grateful for every day that I get to be on earth. My goal is to be consistent with my yoga practice to cultivate gratitude easily.

  • Lisa

    In 2013 I promise to stop being so hard on myself. I want to start appreciating myself!
    On a side note, to remember how good I feel during and after yoga and use that to get me on my mat DAILY!!!

  • Anissa

    In 2013 I will do yoga teacher training to spread this wonderful way to transform your life! 🙂

  • Dr R K S Rathore

    In 2013 I have to tread alone on the Yogic path because my mentor Dr K K Dang is no more. Fortunatly I am connected to Yogadork for inspiration and guidance. I resolve to bring more and more people to the yoga mat for their well being.

  • My intention is to start practicing greater mindfulness about the foods I consume and how I consume them, and to drink a big glass of water with lemon every morning when I get up!

  • Paul Grooms

    My intention is to shake off the premature rigor mortis that has set in my body by too many hours statically at a desk or in a car

    I found a yoga studio near me that is friendly and comfortable and found new parks and paths to walk to fill the year and keep it interesting

  • I resolve to be more present.

  • My theme words for 2013 are Believe and Gratitude. My three focus areas are joy, creativity and career. (My take on intentions.)

  • stacey

    Find my place of peace…….

  • Nagem

    To practice yoga in my life, not just on my mat.

  • Kate

    Seek out adventure in every day life.

  • bill

    Be the best yogi and teacher, I can be.

  • Amy

    Share love, light, and healing with the world.

  • brontegirl

    To attempt to intentionally live my yoga off the mat.

  • To live fully 🙂

  • David Johnston

    Instead of making some resolutions…
    To commit to whatever I do fully, mindfully and then let go…

  • My intention is to be gentle with myself, to trust and go with the flow.

  • Lindsay

    I will let go a bit more this year.

  • K L

    My resolution is to do a big hike or camping trip with my husband every month! Our goal is to get to know our natural surroundings better!

  • My intention is to continue with many of the habits I developed in 2012: daily meditation, a regular yoga practice, and a focus on being more compassionate toward myself and others.

  • Kirill

    To live life…

  • Lois Kubota

    I resolve to live my life without getting lost. I don’t want to get lost on the internet anymore. I don’t want to get lost in other people’s stuff. I want to live purposeful.

  • Simona S-Barr

    My intention is to have further personal growth & balance and harmony within my body.

  • Rebecca

    My intention is to live wholeheartedly.

  • Kate Bradford

    Freedom to start loving myself.

  • Anne Marie B.

    My intention is to put my health first — before anyone or anything else.

  • Kate

    My intention is to be gracious and grateful.

  • Adi

    To get over my fear of trying to float into handstand. I don’t care if I actually land in it, I just don’t want to be afraid to try.

  • Morgan E.

    To not let fear and self doubt stand in the way

  • Jodi

    My intention in 2013 is to focus, cultivate my awareness and be a compassionate human.

  • Allan

    I will strengthen my yoga practice and strongly encourage my non-practicing friends to come along and have a try.

  • t dunbar


  • Brenda Beebe

    2013 – To find acceptance for what is now and go forward willingly with what will be.

  • Abel

    My 2013 intention is to open my arms and embrace all moments of life! To see God in all and be grateful that I am here sharing the best I can be with all of you through love, service, and caring.

  • Rochelle

    To follow graciously where my yoga takes me.

  • living a yoga lifestyle, sharing its teaching and kindness always to all living beings

  • 2013 will be the year that I will incorporate yoga into my life – I’ve started a 40 day challenge to do daily asana’s for 40 days in a row (and hope they will become a daily routine from then onwards), I hope to finish my prana yoga flow teacher training this summer and I have started a blog where I share my yoga experiences as a yoga rookie and hope to continue posting there on a regular basis.

  • Have more fun, be in the moment, appreciate to open to the flow.

  • To live my yoga and use my voice in ways that help me and others live an authentic spiritual life.

  • Nicole

    It’s the ordinary that makes life extraordinary.

  • Katie T

    to accept whatever i am faced with, and act accordingly.

  • My intention for this year is to embrace possibilities – all possibilities – even when they don’t appear in the time, place, or manner expect.

  • Kristin

    Make conversation with people I know, and people I don’t. Laugh out loud. Wear cuter clothes to bed. Appreciate the good in all my friends. Start writing. Declutter my space. Practice simple living. Moisturize. Take Vitamins. Thank myself everyday.

  • Treat myself and others with compassion.

  • read one book a month. go big or go home. live my passion. remember to breathe. stretch every day. spend time in nature. practice gratitude. do it now. create. abundance.

  • Live out my dream and share my passion.

  • Erin Mcvittie

    My intention is to soften myself this year. Remind myself to breathe and let go. I owe this intention to Anna Guest Jelley. She inspired it!

  • Nan

    To finish what I start, do what I am supposed to do without procrastinating, keep learning something new every day and share that with others…

  • susan s

    My intention for 2013 is to practice gratitude towards others and patience towards myself and to hopefully find my path again. It seems I lost it- and myself- in 2012. I believe that strengthening my yoga practice will help me get back on track.

  • Cat

    My intention this year is to start on the journey to become a yoga instructor. I plan on being ready to take classes at least once a week, but plan on increasing that as the year progresses. I’ve already been to three classes so far this year! Great start in my opinion!

  • My Sankalpa in 2013…
    * I am disciplined and focused,
    * I am loving and a loveable person,
    * I am at peace with myself and my environment, I live in the present moment,
    * I continuously learn new things and grow my yoga practice,
    * I am an inspired and inspiring yoga teacher,
    * I am grateful for where I am at and for the wonderful souls who allow me to be, be me.
    Namaste 🙂

  • KrisR

    To be at peace.

    To recognise that I am enough. Just as I am.

  • Cathy Amerine

    Give in and let go and do crow.
    Truly embrace my practice allowing it to be a gift to myself and knowing it is sacred not just going through the motions.

  • Stacey Allaire

    To send loving kindness to all of my students during each of my classes.

  • Ve

    Breathe in, breathe out.

  • Megan

    Learn to be less controlled, go with the flow a bit better. And master a handstand – it will happen!!

  • At the Solstice I set an intention for the year: to come home.

  • My intention for 2013 is to believe in myself. Believe in my teaching capability, to help others. To believe, that I deserve the life I want to live!

  • Courtney

    To be the best new teacher I can be!

  • selina

    Breathe. Live in the moment.

  • Angela Kathleen Lanasa

    To keep a continuous flow of energy between the body, mind, and soul and the universal web of life.

  • Angela Kathleen Lanasa

    To keep a continuous flow of energy between, my mind and body.

  • I am absolutely going to keep giving all I have to being the best me I can be…on the mat and off. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • To work with my partner, family, and community to begin the journey of raising our newborn daughter in peace, joy, and love. To bring my yoga with me when I leave the mat.

  • Virginia

    Spend less time on the internet.

  • Shannon

    A friend suggested that I work on forgiving myself. I think she’s right.

  • Joshua

    My intention is:

    Leaping with clear intent
    Discipline with softness
    Vulnerability with maturity
    Health in harmony
    Ambition tempered with acceptance of things as they are

  • Jess

    My intentions this year are to breathe in and let go, to be mindful of myself and those dearest to me, and to not sweat the small stuff.

  • When I was in India in October, I encountered a very pious man. He was dancing around the Ekalingi Temple in Udaipur with more devotion than a Gopi. He was singing, chanting and inspiring everyone. I couldn’t stop wondering about him as he made me smile. At one point I prayed that all of his prayers would come true. Then I wondered – what is in this man’s heart? At which point he turned to me, looked me in the eye, grabbed my hands and said, “Welcome!” and then he promptly danced away. My intention for 2013 is to say “Welcome” to everyone I meet along the way.

  • Rachel

    My resolution is to come to every day and every person I meet with an open heart.

  • My intention is to treat my body better by continuing to improve my diet. It’s also to become a more spiritual person, which is a part of my life I’ve long shut out.

  • Practice Wholeheartedly !

  • Release. Breathe. Create. http://instagram.com/p/T995fIggZq/

  • Bridget

    To live life one breath at a time.

  • Slow down.

  • Eric O'Rafferty

    More breathing, presence, and just being. Less thinking, intellectualizing, and consumption of empty calories (food, Internet, and otherwise!). Extra helpings of love and gratitude.

  • Ann

    My intention: action! Usually I spend a lot of time thinking about doing things but not quite doing them. And, one thing at a time, to help me be more in the moment.

  • alpearsall

    I intend to stretch myself and my abilities, to work on being strong and not sloppy, and to allow myself to let go of fear and tension. This applies across the board in my practice and my life.

  • Karen

    In 2013:

    I will free myself from judgment.

    I will open my heart to new experiences and people.

    I will commit random acts of kindness throughout the entire year.

  • Karen L

    My intention: find calm amid the chaos, stay calm and focused on my healthy living goals as challenges and obstacles present themselves. And never give up.

  • Robyn

    To live vicariously though myself. To love abundantly and unconditionally. To breathe through each moment in life, even the seemingly stressful ones and to be grateful for the health I have and the positive energy I can share with others 🙂

  • JenniferLorman

    Meet others from where they are and if it’s tough carry the light for them.

  • Ryann

    Stop being so hard on myself!

  • Joey

    To live for and appreciate the present moment.

  • Jen

    My intention for 2013 is to rekindle my inner fire.

  • Alice

    To accept myself.

  • Michelle

    This year, I will make more time to learn yoga
    I haven’t been able to make time for myself due to my husband’s illness this last year. I want to make healthier choices and have less stress. I love my therapist but… lol

  • Michelle Wardle

    To deepen my yoga practice.
    To practice gratitude and mindfulness.
    To actively explore what career or traveling I would like to accomplish in the coming years.
    To be compassionate, loyal, and confident with myself and others.

  • My intention for 2013 is to Just Be. To be present, to be happy, to be upset, to be worried, to be anxious, to be whatever I’m feeling at the present moment, knowing it will pass.

  • Continue my daily practice and lengthen time spent in meditation 🙂

  • drink more water & tea, less coffee. Speak & act with LOVE at all times. and DO MORE YOGA!!!!!

  • Nicole Carlin

    To ditch the branding attempts and be the brand of ME — authentic and alive!

  • To be more loving and more detached.

  • 2013 is the year I treat my family as wonderful as I treat my students and self on the mat. They often get caught in the fray of my planning, teaching, and living life. I will be my kind, gentle, optimistic, patient self at home too – not just when I’m on my mat in front of or in class.

  • christine

    to be more accepting of myself.

  • Gina Brownfeld

    I am grateful for being granted the healing I desire. I welcome healing energy into 2013 for myself and ask it to radiate from me and into the universe to all beings

  • Linda

    To clear my mental and physical clutter.

  • Easy, effortless growth. And lots of it!

  • Nowagandhi

    To be.

  • Becky Hieter

    Meditate/practice every day no matter what. Even the thoughts and sharing love counts, take teh time to come inside, love each other and myself.

  • Becky Hieter

    Meditate/practice every day no matter what. Even the thoughts and sharing love counts, take the time to come inside, love each other and myself.

  • Stay calm and trust in the future.

  • Tui

    To be kinder towards myself and don’t let others take advantage of me.

  • Karen

    To continue to build a permaculture life: a spiritually and physically sustainable and self-supporting network of habits that nourish me deeply and so enable me to make healthy decisions and support others.

  • soften and clarify. it’s like butter.

  • Shelly

    To love, accept and let go..

  • Erin

    To find my yoga mat on a regular basis.

  • eileen

    to live my true life

  • analiza baikie

    My intention this 2013 year is to just love me more. I love my son and husband very very much but I believe in order for me to be the best wife and mother I can be , I have to love me better than I love me now. This means daily practice, daily meditation and daily nurturing.

  • lara

    to be fearless

  • More patience for myself and others.

  • Hilarie

    To honor my mother’s life as I mourn her death

  • Jenn S in DC

    To find a good balance between my work-life and my life on the homefront.

  • je

    to simplify& clarify– in all area sof my life

  • Excellent post. Thanks. http://youtu.be/xjdS5XhFVZ4

  • My intention is to let go.

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