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Kids Yoga is Awesome

in YD News

If you missed it yesterday, this is the ABC story Fox News pounced on for their Yoga vs. Sports male genitalia measuring debate (pardon the reference, but it’s true). This piece is about the growth of kids yoga and it’s actually awesome.

We can’t dance around it, kids today are super busy and they get stressed, too. Yoga is an outlet. But we don’t need to tell you, the kids and the parents can.

Lauren Chaitoff, co-owner and instructor at YogiBeans, agreed. “It’s going to be little bit sillier, more playful. Kids are stressed these days, there are social pressures and pressure in school.”

It seems school can be a difficult place for kids, at least sometimes. “My daughter’s in third grade,” said Gail Tobias, mother to one of the girls in the class. “There’s an abundance of homework already. After she’s done with the class I find she’s much more eager to go home and sit and do her homework and be more focused. ”

A little boy – one of two in the class – told me yoga helps him forget what’s bothering him. “After class is over it seems like I’m not so worried about my problems as when I was in school,” he said. “Like when I’m here I’m not thinking about oh how much homework do I have, or what do I have to do, what do I have to not do.”

These kids today, they say the darndest things. Video clip below.




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  • Karen

    Oh, my word – have you seen the first 2 comments? Apparently, this is dangerous first because paedophiles will see kids’ yoga as a way of gaining access to children (let us immediately close down all public spaces, sporting facilities, educational institutions, places of prayer, hospitals and medical centres, and families! because panicking is infinitely more productive than creating a culture in which speaking up and speaking out is normalised and child protection is approached calmly, reasonably, and across the culture as a whole), and secondly because it is turning Americans into godless atheists (as opposed to godly atheists).

    Truly, the mind boggles.

    Good for the kids and their parents for participating and reaping the benefits.

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