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Best Infographics and Yoga Funnies of 2012

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2012: the year of the infographic yoga funnies? These 11 greatest hits may have you convinced. Here’s looking at you 2013.

In no particular order…

Best Infographics and Yoga Funnies of 2012

1. What Is Your Yogi Name? Read This Chart and Find Out

what's your yogi name


2. Handy Sanskrit Cheat Chart (sorta)


3. What’s Your Yoga Style? [Infographic]

Find Your Yoga Style Infographic


4. Five Koshas Infographic Study Chart

Yoga Koshas Chart


5. What Your Yoga Teacher Really Does During Savasana


6. Superhero Yoga from the Land of Geekdom

superhero yoga


7. The Yoga Pie (Chart)


8. Yoga Teachers: What My Friends Think I Do vs. What I Do

And here’s another one!


9. Tin Man Yoga

“But oz never did give nothing to the tin man, that he didn’t already have.” –America

10. Wine and Yoga Pants


11.  I Go To Yoga For The Loose Men

Yay for men in yoga! <3



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