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YogaDork Giveaway: Win a Year of Online Yoga Classes from YogaVibes!

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It’s that time again! We’re wrapping up 2012, tying it up with a big, pretty ribbon of giveaways to kick off a joyfully yogadorky 2013.

Next up!

One Year of Yoga Classes from YogaVibes

We know from experience it’s sometimes hard to drop everything you’re doing and shuffle your way into the yoga studio, no matter how pure your intentions. Luckily, we have home practice, which we just know every single one of us does every day! Mmhm. Thankfully the interwebs have made it that much more convenient and motivating to get you on your mat at home, and one of the coolest online yoga class providers, YogaVibes, is going to help you do just that.

We’re giving away ONE YEAR of free yoga to one lucky winner! More yoga for you, more cheer for us all!

Choose from a bevy of teachers and a wide range of levels, paces and styles and stream yoga classes from all your gadgets anywhere you have an internet connection. Maybe you’ve tried a class or two already?

ENTER: The holidays often bring us closer to family and friends who, perhaps, we don’t see on a regular basis, whether by chance or by choice. (Not everyone has your calm yoga sensibilities, ahem.) If you had it your way, who is the someone (or someones) you would ask to join you in a yoga practice? To make it more interesting, feel free to expand this into a “living or dead” celebrity, historical figure, yoga teacher or fictional character. Share with us in the comments. Have fun!

Giveaway closes 11:59pm Thursday, January 3. A winner will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

Update: Huge congrats to Tamara!! Thank you to everyone who entered and shared your personal and/or funny responses. Happy yoga to all.



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  • Great contest
    Abe Lincoln

  • Danny DePuy


  • Becky

    I’ve been trying to get my mom to take a class.

  • Bridget H.

    Easy…. My mom. Getting old isn’t easy, and while she is young by most peoples standards I can only imagine how much a lil yoga could help her out. I also hope to share yoga with my future children. Yoga has helped me to foster a healthy self image and I think it would encourage confidence in younger generations. Much love to YogaDork and all its readers ♥

  • My mom (who has never gone to a yoga class!) and my boyfriend (whom I’d like to see continuing practice). These two people are the closest people in my life and I’d love to share them the beauty and health benefits of yoga practice… with me!

  • I would love to hang out with Shiva Rea and practice yoga together. Also, I’d love to get together my group of my favorite wanderlust yoginis and create a little goddess retreat for ourselves — complete with yoga, surfing, dancing, eating yummy food and um…. bliss!

  • Tamara

    My sister in law, who passed away last year, and never was able to attend a yoga class with me. I can only imagine the fun, joyous time we would have had on the mat together!

  • Shannon

    I’d like to do yoga with Spock. Or Leonard Nimoy–that would be awesome too.

  • Courtney

    My boyfriend and my brother! Also I think taking a yoga class with Jane Austen would be awesome.

  • Jen

    Ohh, can I take the whole senate? Maybe a practice focused on Aparigraha or Satya , and then they could resolve the fiscal cliff.

  • Elaine Vullemier

    I just reunited with my son Nick after a ten year absence. He’s twentyfour.

  • carla

    My mother. It’s been years since she’s been physically active and I know it would do wonders for her heart, body, mind and spirit. She recently lost her mother, my grandmother, to Alzheimer’s Disease after spending nearly a decade caring for her. The loss has been sad, but has also offered a sense of relief and opportunity for regrowth. I’ve called it her Renaissance 2.0. I’d love to have yoga be part of that and share the experience with her.

  • Kristen J.

    I’d love to get a mat workout in with Chad Ochocinco Johnson, the NFL Player who practices regularly. What an athlete!

  • Chelsea

    I would love for my husband to join me on the mat.

  • a viniyoga class of 10; my mom, joseph campbell, gandi, clarissa pickola estes, JR Tolkien, albert einstein, my grandmother, margaret mead, tkv desikachar and my first yoga teacher – morgan. <3

  • Reality – I would LOVE to be in a class with all my Yoga Gypsy friends in one spot. So many fabulous teacher/guides and the energy would be crazy up.

    Fantasy – I actually don’t have one for this category. I really like regular people to share a practice with.

  • lauren

    my sister…who i have tried to get to come with me. she needs the anxiety reduction!

  • Hui

    Felicia Day. I’m a major fan girl, plus if she did it it would introduce yoga to nerds everywhere.

  • jennyonassis

    I’d love to take a class with Robert Downey Jr. rawwwwr. I have so many friends who say “I should really try yoga” and never get around to it- I’d love to be able to help each one discover the amazing transformative benefits of a regular practice.

  • Kalee

    My father. He would never approach a mat of his own free will, I’d love the experience of practicing next to him.

  • Tracy

    All of my siblings. That would be a historical moment for sure since they all think I’m weird, odd, out there, etc!!!

  • Russ

    I think I would choose Walt Whitman. His poetry is so vital, so alive, that I think he would be a natural at Yoga.

  • Caroline

    Mick Jagger! mmmmmm.

  • Ross

    He is a deity that I would love to do yoga with.

  • Jennifer Rozsypal

    I would take my former friend, someone who betrayed me. To show her that I forgive her, and hopefully allow her to forgive others.

  • Kat

    John Lennon 🙂

  • Heather Bailey

    My sister, she really needs positivity in her life and I know yoga can help her feel a bit better. I

  • Brett Young

    I would choose my Mom, my twinsister and her baby girl Harper so three generations of yoginis could practice together.

  • Heather

    My inspiring and loving 71 year old mother!

  • Eric O'Rafferty

    Jimmu Buffet! Would be fun before, during, and after!

  • Meghan card

    My boyfriend….kicking and screaming. He always poo poos my practice as he goes to the gym for a “real” workout. Yoga is tough! I’d like to show him it’s definitely a “real” workout.

  • I would love do to yoga with Bob Marley! I would love it even more with my husband!

  • Laura R

    My team at work!

  • Beth

    My cousin, who won’t take my vinyasa class because she, “doesn’t really like to sit around and meditate.” Would love to open her eyes.

  • Anne Swisher

    My nine year old daughter. She loves assisting me in some of the poses I do at home, like child’s pose.

  • Vision_Quest2

    My fantasy personal trainer, whom I’d had throughout the early 1990s when everyone else had the time to actually make it over to the gym, or who went to a much-less-crowed one … “She”‘d actually enabled me to become an ace at step aerobics to my MusicFlex tapes … This cardio queen would love to try yoga … Then, I will whisk her off to my actual out-of-the-four-walls pilates class a mile and a half away ….

  • I never stop hoping that my husband will join me for yoga one day.

  • Jess C

    My dad. He’s a Viet Nam vet who suffers from PTSD, depression, COPD and chronic back pain. I know it would help him tremendously but he would never do it on his own 🙁

  • Kenz

    My two week old nephew because I want to make yoga a part of his life as early as possible – if only he could hold up his own head…

  • Danielle

    My mom and I have started going to yoga together over the holidays which has been great. Would love to see my Dad (or Grandma!) get involved.

  • Deepak Chopra. I’m curious to see what Tara Stiles has taught him over the years and vice versa 😉

  • Kate

    The Doctor from Doctor Who. That would be hilarious.

  • Helen

    Nina Simone

  • Susan Kusek

    A friend who just made it through a tough year of chemo and radiation.

  • Laura

    I think it would be awsome to do yoga with the complete cast of dharma and greg :P. Especially seeing edward and kitty practising yoga would be fun 🙂

  • Jean

    Dharma Mittra, he’s my hero!

  • Mellaney

    My grandma <3

  • lori hatton

    The President, he needs all the help he can get! A yogi in the White House,what a thought.

  • rachelle b

    It would be myself, my husband, the 1st lady, and the president.

  • Natasha Freeman

    Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar himself!

  • T

    My partner. I have been asking for 8 years!

  • vvb

    my dad

  • My brother who I recently re connected with after having no communication with for close to 8 years. He has stopped drinking and is looking really healthy. I think some yoga classes would help even him out.

  • Ninjenni

    My mother-in-law, who is just starting to see the value of yoga for a healthy lifestyle.

  • It would have to be someone so famous that he/she would have been written about in the NYT. He/she would also need to be intellectually curious. A brilliant sense of humor would be a must. Also, this person would have to possess humility and kindness and, yet, be fearless in the pursuit of yogic justice. He/she would make people utter “Is nothing sacred?” prior to rousing bout of hasya rasa.

    I want to practice yoga with the Goddess of Yoga Dorkdom: Jenny!

    Happy antepenultimate day of 2012! Thank you for bringing another year of joy and happiness to the yoga world!

  • Meghan McDermott

    Who do I care about that would benefit the most from practicing yoga with me? My father.

    Who would I just enjoy having them to do yoga next to me? Colin Farrell. 🙂

    But my answer is my Dad.

  • MegP4

    My daughter. I keep trying to plant that seed, but so far, nothing. I’m still holding out hope. 🙂

  • Jenny Wiley

    I would have my mom join me. I have told her that I think she would really benefit from practicing yoga. She is a very anxious person and going through cancer treatments for the third time in 10 years.

  • Of course, Larry King! It’s time to quit the suspenders habit and improve his posture and strength with some yoga!

  • Natalie Wester

    If I could choose anyone to do yoga with, it would have to be Tara Stiles, Kurt Johnson, or another very advanced practitioner that could motivate and challange me. It would be so fun!

  • And I say this as a yoga teacher!

  • Alexis

    Shiva! Bring on breaking down my ego and releasing attachments to make room for a more universal experience!

  • Mike Lim

    I hats to go political, but if anybody needs it Speaker of the House Boehner needs it bad!

  • Sarah

    I would love to do yoga with Yoda. I think I could help him with his walking problem, but I’m sure he could help me with my levitation.

  • Emily B

    My husband. It would help him in so many ways!

  • i want to practise with anna laurita, my guru!

  • Anne Marie

    My 20 yr old son whom I have a very strained relationship with. We are both passionate about health and fitness but never do activities together. He practices martial arts regularly and I feel that he would enjoy Yoga as much as I do.

  • Christine

    My daughter!

  • Mandy

    My grandmother who is no longer with us, but who’s presence is still with me. She was an amazing lady not afraid to challenge convention (she eloped in the 1920’s!!) and did was never afraid of anything, her energy would inspire any yogi to a higher place.

  • Nan C

    I would invite my co workers, at the cancer center i work at. They work very hard every day.

  • Alisha

    I would have my daughter join me as we both need to get back to within.

  • I would like to do Yoga with GUMBY. I think he would make a great teacher. Or PlasticMan. I’m sure I could learn a lot from either of them.

  • I’m going to keep it simple, and say I’d ask my husband to join. We’re newlyweds, and when we met, he was showing me how he knew what downward dog is. So fun! 🙂 It obviously worked, cause we’re married now. Nothing like doing Yoga together! 🙂 Love the meditation, bonding time, the stretches, and the endorphins. <3 Our New Year's resolution is to do more Yoga.

  • Serena

    I would love to be able to take my mom with me. I’ve gotten so many benefits from practicing yoga and have recently taken up yoga teacher training. And while I’m comfortable teaching friends, I can’t teach my mom since there is a language barrier. I’ve been working on finding yoga classes done in Vietnamese for my mom to attend but in the meantime, I give her a few simple poses/stretches she can do at home to help with flexibility.

  • Lindsay

    My father… He has suffered with physical ailments for years and in his stubborn, republican(not that there is anything wrong with that!;)tough though it mind, he doesn’t see the changes (democratic thinking?hmmmmm:) yoga can bring…I would love to see him heal… In more ways than one:)

  • If I had it my way, I would have my high school art teachers join me for my yoga practice. They gave me so much at a time when I really needed positive influences and support in my life. They pushed me to pursue my dreams of going to art school and it would bring me great pleasure to honor them in asana!

  • That’s great article. You know – this is exactly what I was looking for. I shall give you a big thanks for this great piece of information. Keep it up.

  • Jo

    Well, I love it when my fiance joins me in yoga, but I think the person who needs it most is my brother!

  • Amanda

    I would love my mother who suffered a mini stroke on Easter Morning 2012 to join me in a yoga practice. I believe yoga would help stretch her body and her mind especially with taking care of herself more instead of the constant run around mindset.

  • Liz

    Namaste, hey, by the way, It would be nice 4 u 2 say I’VE WON YOGADORK’S GIVEAWAY! I’ll wait for the Jan 3rd date to celebrate and appreciate streaming yogavibes with my 19 yo niece, who moved into my abode.We’ll yoke through vibes’ asanas and pranayams for this life long dusty sparkeling journey toward Samadhi… 🙂 _/\_

  • I would really like for my fiance to join me one of these days…I think he could use a good class!

  • Colleen W

    My 27-year-old son. He is autistic and i firmly believe that the focus and breathing would be so helpful for his overall wellbeing, but he is very resistant. It sure helps me in dealing with him! 😉

  • Ruth

    My best friend Chris. She’s been practicing longer than I have (I’m just starting) but it would be very motivating to work by her side. We’re a 6 hour flight apart and don’t get much face-to-face time.

  • claudia

    I’d like to invite my grandma to the yoga classes. She would be something like 112 years old by now if she was still alive, but who knows, if she had practiced yoga…… ?

  • H Walker

    My grandmother, who passed away about 15 years, never got to see me happy in my body. I always felt too big, ungraceful, and generally unsatisfied with myself. I wish she could attend a class with me, just to see that I have finally made my peace with my body and myself.

  • cathy amerine

    so I can work on being clean and sober this year.

  • Definitely my best friend, Erin, but my mother would need it most 🙂

  • Emily

    I would love for my mother to join me. She is such a caring, loving person, but she has a very high-stress job and not a lot of healthy coping mechanisms. I would love for yoga to be something that we could do together.

  • Hope

    My amazing mother. She has some health problems and was athletic in the past, but insists she isnt capable of much now. I’ve introduced her to yoga and KNOW she would love AND benefit from a regular practice but I think she’s too self-conscious to get rolling. If I lived closer to her, I would definitely practice with her regularly. As it is, I only get to see her briefly a few times a year.

  • Alice

    My clients. I do therapeutic work with guys convicted of domestic abuse offences and I think the thing that helps them most in our programme is the repeated and very basic mindfulness meditation. I’d love to do asanas with them too, but my bosses think it’s a wacky idea. In the future I think we’ll be doing more of this kind of thing. It’s a long game.

  • Kassie H

    My husband. I’ve been losing my baby weight, he has not lost his… I think Yoga would help him with the stress of juggling work, marriage, and a new baby. Plus it would help us connect.. that’s been missing since little one got here.

  • Shannon O.

    I would love to get my mom into yoga. Some gentle stretching would be great for her tired joints, but I think the sort of mental awareness yoga helps to cultivate would benefit her even more than the physical practice would.

  • Peg T

    A good friend, nothing better than getting balanced with a best friend by your side!

  • my mom. it would have saved her life.

  • Amanda

    My father. He needs to slow down.

  • Elizabeth

    My younger self – I wish I had started taking my yoga practice seriously at a younger age. It would have made so much difference in my late teens and early twenties!

  • Katja

    My cousin – haven’t seen her in many years. She was very ill and is now much better, and yoga would be a wonderful way to celebrate her recovery!

  • My mom. She could use a structured exercise program. I love YogaVibes!!

  • My little nephew Mikey, who has a disorder in the autism spectrum. I think he’d benefit greatly. I just have to convince his mama. 🙂

  • Andrea

    My recently adopted 13yo daughter. She is precious & beautiful but has been neglected & abused for years & years. She has a social & emotional maturity age of about 5yo. I feel she would greatly benefit from a regular yoga practice but live classes are a poor fit for her. Online would be PERFECT!! Pick us!!

  • K L

    My new husband!

  • Bethany

    My best friend who is my yoga buddy and is moving away this month. A year of free online yoga classes would allow us to continue to practice together even though we can’t be in the same room anymore.

  • I would love for my partner/lover to join me in a yoga practice. While highly athletic and fit I think he would really benefit for the relaxation and mental/physical connections made. It would be a blessing.

  • I would really like to get my mom to start doing yoga. I really feel like we both could benefit from the stress reduction and physical benefits of a regular practice. She lives about 2000 miles away from me, and it would be great to have another way to connect with her.

  • I’d love to have my mom get into yoga, I think it would benefit her immensely, but I don’t think it’s something she’s interested in trying. I also think it’d be incredibly sexy if my fiance practiced with me. 😉

  • Thanks for the opportunity! I am a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor and also suffered neck/back/shoulder and knee injurys and could use the help and reduce some of the aches and pains.

  • I would ask my good friend who I see many times a week, but its been years since we’ve been to a good yoga class.

  • Heather Wilson

    I’d love to practice with former Braves Ryan Klesko. One of my few true sports crushes and what else would be sexier??

  • Jane Cassidy

    I can think of several people close to me who would greatly benefit from yoga on a physical & emotional level but think they’re not suited to it. How do I convince them?! Imagine though sharing yoga with some of the world leaders of our times such as those in areas of conflict, like president bashar of Syria. Surely there would be less pain and suffering if everyone cultivated mindfulness in their daily lives.

  • Leslie

    Since we can span time… I think it would be REALLY cool to have my grandmother, my mom, and myself all take a yoga class together when we are in our 20s. It would be neat to all know each other and practice with each other while the same age

    • Vision_Quest2

      Two very leading questions (and you can plead the 5th if you want):

      Are you in your 20x?

      Do you think being in your 20s is the most preferred age to be, to be practicing yoga – you know: today’s yoga which is, overwhelmingly, of a certain type ?

      [Enquiring minds want to know …]

  • Bonita

    I think it would be a hoot to see my friend, Tim, try yoga. As for a celebrity, I’ve always liked Nikki Giovani, a poet/scholar. She seems mellow enough that she would try it, if she hasn’t already.

  • Kim

    My partner!

  • Lisa

    My husband, who I met via a dating site around the time I happened to be doing a nine-month long yoga immersion. The following year, he weathered my teacher training, giving me unflagging support, love, and respect for the work I was doing, and continue to do. He’s spiritually aware and curious, and always likes the adjustments I give him when he’s stretching for softball, but I haven’t quite convinced him to take the next step yet. I think having someone other than me as his teacher is key!

  • BJH

    Maybe my brother?

  • Ash

    I’d love to do yoga with my mom! We both made a commitment to be more mindful of our health this year, and have been working at it for a while. I think she could greatly benefit from the flexibility, balance & peace I found once I began yoga.

  • jule

    My husband, very much so.

  • Christa

    My partner, better than couples counseling.

  • Hm, it’d be great to get my dad to do it, I think he could benefit physically and mentally!

  • joanofarq

    The Hags. They know who they are; and they know why ; – )

  • Amelia

    I would love to practice my yoga sessions with the Dalai Lama. Imagine the opportunity of learning peace and serenity and sharing a practice of yoga with the mindfulness guru himself!

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