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Best and Funniest Yoga Videos of 2012

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While 2011 was no doubt a contender for world’s greatest yoga video efforts, 2012 might win for its utter, exposed cheekiness (Vag-chakras, yoga bitches, yoga boners, sexy lingerie yoga parodies? Need we say more?). Without further ado, the products of yoga culture taking a jab at yoga culture, which just goes to show, well…you tell us! Probably a little more than we asked to see. Enjoy.

1. College Humor Takes On Yoga Class Humor (and Bushy Anuses) – video

2. Oh Yes They Did: ‘Yoga Boner’ Music Video by Jelly Donut Feat. Daveed Diggs

3. Equinox Sexy Yoga Ad Gets Funny Parody, Dude

4. Watch All Three Episodes of Funny Web Series About Yogic Healer ‘Georgia’

5. Yoga Bitch the Music Video – Response to ‘Yoga Girl’?

6. Shit New Age Girls Say (video)

7. Shit Yogis Say, A Comeback Special (video)

Did we miss anything?


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  • LOL these videos are hilarious! My favorite is the Yoga Bitch music video. I’ll have to play this at our new years party. This is a great way to end the year with some yoga humor!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Maria


  • David

    Yoga Bitch is AWESOME. Engage your Mula Bandhaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    Thanks for these!

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